What Exactly Are HR Diploma Courses?
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Human Resource Management is a stream where there are countless job opportunities. That is why many people wish to be a part of this stream. People who fail to pursue full-time courses opt for part-time courses or even HR Diploma Courses. Read along to know more about these courses:

Duration of the Course

The duration of HR Diploma Courses is usually one year. In this time span, the basics of human resource management are covered in the diploma programme. The traditional view about human resource management is that it deals mainly with recruiting. This is not true. Human resource management is an elaborate field and encompasses many diverse subjects that are covered in these diploma courses.

Eligibility to Join the Course

The eligibility for joining the course may be different for different colleges. Usually, it requires the candidate to have completed HSc and two years’ work experience or the candidate must have acquired a bachelor’s degree in any particular field.

How the Course Helps?

Before you consider applying for the course, you need to understand how exactly the course helps. Here are some ways the course helps a candidate furnish his skills for his chosen profession:

• The course helps a candidate gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge related to the HR field. The knowledge acquired is relevant to the present-day HR Practices.
• By applying for this course, the candidate gets an opportunity to proactively discuss the vast range of human resource issues that the industry is facing today. Such discussions help to provide greater insights and also to come up with compliant solutions.
• Human resource management involves many small issues like employee morale, recruitment, leadership skills, team management among others. A study of this diploma course gives further insight into all these issues and helps the candidate to be better trained to tackle these in reality.

Subjects Covered in HR Diploma Courses

The curriculum of each college or institute may vary a bit but the gist of subjects remains the same and those are listed out below:

• Management theory and practice
• Business Communication
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Organisational Behaviour
• Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection
• Essentials of HRM
• Business Economics
• Business Law
• Performance Management System
• Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
• Financial Analysis and Accounting

Once you are well versed with all these subjects, the HR related problems seem simple and you can come up with practical solutions to tackle these.