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fashion designing course
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Designing clothes or accessories is an art that invokes natural aesthetic appeal and lends beauty to the wearer. Fashion designing courses evokes you to think creatively and distinctly to design outfits or merchandise which would appeal either to the masses or to urban customers with unique style requirements.

Who should opt for fashion designing course?

Fashion designing course is a unique combination of creativity and art. If you can think and visualise your creation of merchandise as well as present it in the form of sketch or through computerised digital form you would be a perfect fit for fashion designing course. The program teaches you how to use different types of fabric to create various styles according to the demand of the masses or an individual.

You may believe that this is an extremely easy program however it requires rigorous effort and technical knowledge about designs and patterns which you can only learn when you enrol in a renowned fashion designing course. You also need to take care about the comfort and accessibility of the wearer. A designer should be able to forecast market requirements, colour schemes, upcoming design concepts and should have knowledge of past design patterns.

Different types of fashion designing styles

There are different types of styles that are covered under fashion designing course such as:

Haute couture

Till mid 20th century the designing of garments pertained to individual clothing. This was manufactured on the basis of a particular individual and sewn with the exact dimension of the person. The particular line of fabric is extremely expensive, undulated attention is given to stitching and finishing of the item. It is an extremely profitable item but is not available for the general public.

Mass Market

The production of clothes for the masses enhances sales of manufacturers. These are produced in bulk and are usually made with cheaper fabric. These are economical and the style is usually a reproduction of famous styles exhibited by designers.


The style of ready-to-wear clothes line is above the fashion of mass wear and lower than haute couture. The intricate designs and patterns are not made for the masses however it is not made for just an individual like haute couture. These are rather an expensive line of clothing usually presented by designers in fashion week shows which are usually held twice a year.