Drug De Addiction Awareness Seminar
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On 28th July 2018, ITM Centre for Social Initiatives organized a Drug De Addiction Awareness Drive at the hostel premises. It is being observed that Kharghar area being an educational hub is highly susceptible to substance abuse. It is rightly said that “prevention is better than cure” hence creating awareness amongst youth to live healthy life and not becoming a pray to substance addiction is right approach. Dr. Rahul Bhatambare, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, Mansparsh Clinic (Kharghar) defined Drug Addiction as a compulsive seeking behavior which is difficult to control and it’s also a physical and psychological dependency towards the drug. He also highlighted that the journey of any addiction begins with the “use” and develops into “abuse” and very quickly graduates to becoming an addiction. Keeping in mind, the growing number of addicts, the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment has set up a National Toll-Free Drug De-addiction Helpline Number 1800-11-0031 w.e.f. 07.01.2015 to help the victims of drug abuse, their family and society at large. Taking discussions forward, Dr. Swapnil Bhopi, Clinical Psychologist, Mansparsh Clinic (Kharghar) shared various reasons for people resorting to drugs viz peer pressure, relief from Stress, Increase energy, Recreational purpose and status in the society etc. He also explained about how drug affects our body, social life and family life.
Drug De addiction programme can be classified into MEDICAL MANAGEMENT including DRUG Replacement therapy “Like for Alcohol is replaced with BZD drug, OPIOD with BUPRENORPHINE, NICOTINE GUM with smokers etc. ANTI CRAVING MEDICATION; ANTI ABUSE MEDICATION along with the NON-MEDICAL MANAGEMENT which emphasizes Emotional Support from family and friends and work place etc.
Sai Krishna Katakam (student) ITM Kharghar, shared that such awareness campaigns will enable to create a strong ecosystem against the Drug Menace. Adity Chakraborty (student) ITM Kharghar, shared that it would be pertinent to involve young women in such awareness drives as increasingly this (drug menace) has engulfed many women too. The session ended with the pledge
“say no to drugs” and assurance to seek/ recommend medical help upon knowing at the earliest possible. This event was supported by Rotary Club of Kharghar Midtown.