Diploma Courses List After Graduation to Enhance Career Further
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The job scenario in India today is extremely competitive. Everyone wants a well paying and prestigious job. The competition is so high that just a graduation will not take you anywhere. A post graduate diploma after your graduation course is sure to further increase your chances to end up in the right job.

Graduation only prepares you for a basic science. A post graduate diploma helps you specialise in a certain subject in the chosen field. There are many different options too in post graduate diploma courses for you to select from. Here we have listed some of the most popular ones for you:


Marketing is one of the most popular fields today. As everyone aspires to be an entrepreneur someday, knowledge of the different marketing strategies always come handy. A post graduate diploma course in marketing is sure to help you understand the consumer behaviour based on the current trends and decide your strategy in accordance.


Finance is yet another gold mine. People always need to learn money management and financial trends. Knowledge in finance can never get outdated. Get trained in the field of finance through the experts to increase your career prospects

Human Resource Management

Hiring, recruitment and human resource management form the backbone of modern job industry. While these may appear to be trivial jobs, they play a key role in the market. Get trained to acquire the right human resource professional skills. It is sure to help you advance your career in the industry.

IT & Analytics

IT was till recently one of the field that hired most. It had maximum job vacancies and an IT professional could never go jobless. While this scenario has definitely changed, there sure is some value for a good IT & Analytics professional from a reputed institute like the ITM.

Financial Markets

Understanding the financial markets is a whole new science. It requires knowledge and skills which can only be fine tuned through proper professional training.

Supply Chain Management

A good supply chain management is the key to balancing the demand against the supply. This also requires trained brains so a course in supply chain management will surely count helpful.

Marketing and Digital Media

This is a relatively new field where the media is being used effectively to target the customers. It is a great way to improve business.

International Business

Gain knowledge regarding international business and improve your career prospects by choosing from diploma courses list after graduation.