Different Career Options After Pursuing a Nursing Degree
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One of the promising careers after completing the science stream apart from engineering and MBBS is surely a nursing field. The nursing degree course requires you to complete a 3 years course from any reputed institute. Once you have completed your nursing degree, there are many different job opportunities that await you. Here we have listed out some of the major career options after nursing degrees :

Head Nurse in a Hospital

When you start your career as a nurse, you maybe appointed as a general nurse. After a few years of practice, once you gain the required expertise in your field, you will be promoted to a head Nurse.

Assistant Nurses to Healthcare Professionals
Most healthcare professionals like doctors and surgeons need the assistance and continuous support from their nurses. This is a well paying job where you get to work directly under a healthcare professional.

Home Nurse
If patients have met with some accident or are in a health condition where constant healthcare support is needed, home nurses are sought. This is a challenging and demanding career where you need to continually at tend to every need of the patient.

Nurses for the Elderly
Elderly care requires constant medical attention. This is another field where nurses can find job opportunities. You can work with oldage homes to attend to healthcare needs of the elderly. You may also be hired by homes where aged people reside.

Nurses for Pregnancy Care
The first pregnancy in the life of a couple comes with many challenges. This is why many couples seek the assistance of nurses trained for pregnancy care. The pay may vary from city to city.

Paediatric Nurses
Growing children are extremely sensitive as their immune systems are not fully developed. It is important to take complete care of infants and toddlers so that they grow up to be healthy. After pursuing a degree in nursing, you may choose to get specially trained for paediatric care.

There are many different colleges that offer nursing degrees. Only few of them are really good like the ITM Institute. Take time to choose Institute for nursing degrees after considering:
• The reputation of Institute
• The quality of the staff
• The course details
• The fees structure
• Last but not least, the alumni
These factors help you decide whether the college you have selected is good. Then apply to the shortlisted course.