Data Recovery & Backup Techniques
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23 August 2018 - 15:56, by , in blog, ITM Institute, PGDM, Comments off

Data, Big data analytics, Data mining, Data backup, Data recovery, Data granularity, Data Archiving, Data duplication, Data deduplication, Data replication everything is surrounded by the data. Thus, it became important for young aspirants like us to understand the sector scenario along with leading the business and management frontiers of the same. To widen upon the gaze, our alma mater ITM Business School, Kharghar, department of IT & Analytics organized this highly informative guest lecture by Mr. Suneet Kopra

The esteemed guest of Honour Mr. Suneet Kopra is an exemplary individual with an experience of more than 18 years in the fields of IT & analytics, sales and business development. Sir, being a management student started their professional career in sales and further progressed towards data handling and security. Currently sir serves at DELL EMC which itself is a computer data storage company responsible for cloud data storage. Sir majorly works with the BFSI sector in PSU banks and insurance corporations where the generation and movement of data is maximum.
It all started with why do we need a Backup? What exactly data backup is and what are the different techniques to do so. Abstract thinking, vivid imagination and ability to work in varied conditions owing to out of the box ideas is what he loves and expresses his this wish onto the emerging generations. He started his routine by discussing the data life cycle and Information life cycle. Sir gave us a deep insight about data centre infrastructure along with its architecture and he also explained how each physical layer in an architecture plays an important role with its scale of implementation. Their explanation was always assisted with live practical examples this helped everyone to connect the dots efficiently.

Finally, they shared their extensive experience in IT industry how he has witnessed the change in IT Industry from storing data in Floppy disks to Linear tape open i.e. LTO type storages and guided us in attaining attributes for better future prospect. This complete overview of the current IT industry definitely sparked an urge to achieve and attain more during our course period. Apart from this, they also shared their own product details and experience applying the same concepts what he taught us. He has been a substantial member of the SBI bank and LIC sharing their data centre and data record structure. He also explained the disadvantages caused if newer technologies aren’t deployed for data backup and recovery. This was also assisted with a live example of floods in mumbai in 2005, how it hampered the functioning of banking system.

The complete session was very informative and I’m sure the knowledge base of every attendee had increased substantially. I humbly thank Mr. Suneet with utmost gratitude for investing their valuable time making us more vulnerable and gainful towards future readiness. I also extend my warm regards towards IT & analytics department for arranging such a prestigious guest lecture. We all gained a lot of knowledge and wish to experience more of it in future.

Thanking everyone for extending such warm support and making this event a success.