What is the criteria for Executive MBA in India?
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Executive MBA has become a necessity today because most managers think that there is a need to update knowledge and understand modern principles. While they may have acquired knowledge about ancestral things there is a need to update themselves about what types of prevalent practices are being followed. It’s true that you may have a years of experience in the field but still there would be dynamic managers who would be able to supersede you because of their knowledge and expertise.

Thus in order to meet global challenges and requirements Executive MBA programs were developed. Now these programs were specialised programs which gave you focused knowledge about a particular subject. Are you wondering what is the criteria for Executive MBA in India? There are different criteria followed by different educational sectors such as:

  • Number of years of experience that individuals may have devoted to their work. The number may be specific in most colleges while some follow the standard of recruiting candidates with 5 years of experience there are other colleges which require you to have 2 years of experience only for the program.
  • It is necessary to hold a graduation certification so that you are able to get admission in EMBA programs. This is the main criteria for Executive MBA in India. If you don’t have a recognized graduate degree from a certified institution you would not be able to enrol for executive MBA learning programs.
  • Some colleges even have specified rules wherein a candidate is asked to present 2 recommendation letters from previous employers. There are colleges that may ask 1 letter of recommendation from your senior and another from your respective HR. This helps the selection committee to assess your contribution in the present role and how you would be able to contribute to the interactive learning process of the classroom.

How to surpass the criteria for Executive MBA in India?

The program for Executive MBA is specifically designed for working professionals who want to either upgrade their knowledge or want to gain a higher designations for themselves. If you have the above listed requisites you can easily surpass the criteria for Executive MBA in India but how would you be able to qualify in your personal interview?

Here’s how:

  • You need to be confident about yourself and have an open body language.
  • You need to have knowledge about the subject you have applied to especially if you are changing your stream or are opting for a different course from your role.
  • You should be able to tell about your roles and functions in an organisation so that the committee can easily understand how loyal or dedicated you are. These are qualities that every college seeks in a student because they want that their students should be selected in the best of companies which would be a moment of pride for the college and also give it a good name and ranking.
  • You need to be quick and talk fluently. Communication is essential in every field therefore you need to display that you can be a good communicator in front of the panel.