Comprehending elements of BA in Communication Design
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Communication design helps you adapt to visual communication ideas in the help of graphics and images. You would be required to create different processes in regard to the communication build for target audience of different sectors through the use of visuals. The graphical representation of communication through electronic or print media id primarily covered under communication design.


The course of BA in Communication Design illuminates students on the following designing aspects:

  • Web page designing
  • Animation designing
  • Video games designing
  • Interactive and multimedia designing
  • Sketchbook designing
  • Vector designing
  • Programming languages C++ and Java


When you enrol for BA in Communication Design, you would have to learn about combining art with technology. Students of BA in Communication Design helps you attain creative designing and thinking as a visualizer. There are a lot of job avenues that would be open to you when you enrol for this course.


Job prospects of BA in Communication Design


There are different types of job avenues that are available to you when you enrol in BA in Communication Design. Since the job is technical as well as creative it is highly in demand. The types of jobs prospects at the completion of BA in Communication Design are:


Art Director

The art directors are represent the holistic image of a company to the external world. Conceptualization of designs and creating concepts is the duty of an art director and they also help to supervise the work done by graphic designers for creating publications, logos and all the art work of the company. An art director is liable to check all the image representation that goes with the communication of the company. BA in Communication Design aids you to become competent in this field and many colleges offer placement assistance to students.


Commercial artist

A fresh graduate from the field of BA in Communication Design helps you get acquainted with creating illustrations and drawing images. You can opt to become a sketchbook artist, interior designer, comic book designer etc.


Web developer/designer

Students of BA in Communication Design can also become web developer or designer who create digital websites from ideation to creation. The elements of designing through proper usage of colour combination and psychology is covered under the course and you are given knowledge about HTML, Java, C++ to create websites that are required by businesses.


Game developer and designer

You could become a game developer and designer as the creator bring to life characters and illustrations through visual interaction. The sound, music and the way the game functions are all part of being a game developer. People of this field earn a very attractive remuneration and also have to work very diligently in order to acquire knowledge of this kind of development.


Graphic designer

Graphic designers are professionals who can edit texts and images through the use of adobe Photoshop and illustration. There are different type of software which are used for adding special effects, converting photographs and drawings to a format that is easily adaptable and manipulating images to fit the website or print media requirement.