Choose the best fashion designing institutes in Mumbai
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fashion designing institutes in Mumbai
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When we discuss design, it does not specifically refer to designing garments. The designing concepts include interior designing, retail designing and communication designing. All of these are an integral part of fashion designing institutes in Mumbai. ITM’s oshiwara campus of fashion designing institute in Mumbai offers all these courses to students to enhance their creative ability and structured designing concepts as part of their curriculum.

The thriving multi-billion dollar industry of fashion demands students to inculcate a professional outlook with knowledge about trending designs for sustainable growth of the industry. Fashion designing institutes in Mumbai equips you with analytical knowledge about fabric and patterns. It also extends information regarding software illustration techniques and makes you an expert in creating original designs visualised with the help of computerized sketches.

Steps to choose fashion designing institutes in Mumbai

Designing is an inherent part of a designer. If you think, live and breathe designs then enrolling in the best fashion designing institutes in Mumbai is your next step for becoming a prosperous professional in this field. Here are a few steps to help you decide which organisation would be beneficial for you:

Selection process

Before you start short listing the best fashion designing institutes in Mumbai let us get a clear picture on the selection process held by organisations. A design aptitude and situation test is held for students to gauge their creativity. If you clear this selection process you are required to sit for a personal interview or group discussion as a procedural process set by the college. Therefore, your first step should be preparing for various aptitude tests and applying in maximum number of colleges as a precautionary measure.


The next step after qualifying for tests is choosing the best college which provides your chosen field of designing. The reputation of the college, its affiliations and accreditations are mandatory aspects to look into.

Curriculum and equipments

While focusing on the teaching staff may be necessary but looking into the infrastructure and equipments available for technical learning and the curriculum designed for teaching is a significant step to choosing the right college.

Master the art of aesthetic learning by enrolling in the best college for yourself.