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29 August 2019 - 10:44, by , in IHM, Comments off

“When we don’t have the words chocolate can speak volumes.”
On 20th August’2019,the SYBAICA batch experienced the same feeling!!!  We, the Bakery team organised a Cocoa and Chocolate Workshop for our SYBAICA students. This workshop was conducted by Morde – Cocoa & Chocolates.

We had Chef Bonny Pereira (Sr. Culinary Specialist) and Chef Sudhir Nair (Chief Distributor)to grace the workshop.

The workshop began at 11:40am. The flow of the events was as follows:
1) Introduction of Chef Bonny Pereira and Mr. Sudhir
2) Chef Bonny gave an insight on Morde and their product range and their shelf life.
3) Display of various products of Morde and their usage in confectionery.
4) Chef Bonny gave a demonstration on Chocolate Truffle Cake, Chocolate clusters, centre filled chocolates, Chocolate garnishes, hand-made chocolates and above all taught the students the techniques to make chocolate cigars and fans.
5) Finally it ended on a great display of the products made through the day.
We, the Bakery team would like to thank Purva maam, our Principal, for motivating us to conduct the workshop, and Ms. Ujwala Sonawane, Associate Dean for their trust and support. Apart from this we would also like to thank Chef shrikala, Kulbhusan sir for their support for this event. Last but not the least, I, Chef Nayana, would like to thank Rinkesh and Sarvesh for their constant support throughout the event.