Career Transformation With ITM iFirst Scholarship Program!
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Career Transformation With ITM iFirst Scholarship Program!

High MBA fees is one of the biggest reasons why students hesitate in taking up the course. A lot of talented students don’t find the cost justified enough or simply cannot bear the cost even though they have the capability to achieve extraordinary heights in their career.

The financial disparity in India is pretty much a reality, but that shouldn’t deprive deserving individuals of higher education, right?

To give the careers of talented students a financial boost, ITM Business School offers a unique scholarship for students – ITM iFirst Scholarship Program!
Through the iFirst Program, you can fill the scholarship form online, write the scholarship test and earn 25% to 100% scholarship! This scholarship program empowers you to rid yourself from the financial burden, simply based on your merit.
This is an exclusive scholarship for students, no other Business School offers a program like this.

How do I apply for scholarship online?

  • Get the scholarship form by visiting –
  • Fill out the scholarship form before the deadline, 20th January 2019.
  • Once you have submitted the online scholarship application, it will be considered and if you pass through all the parameters, you shall be notified about it.

ITM business school has given almost 100 talented and ambitious individuals a handsome scholarship!
Here are some staggering numbers of the iFirst scholarship giveaways-

17 students earned 100% tuition fee scholarship! They were able to fund their own MBA.

28 students earned 50% tuition fee scholarship. They were able to reduce a massive financial burden for their parents.

55 students earned 25% tuition fee scholarship, reducing a quarter of their actual fees, or perhaps saving it!

ITM iFirst Scholarship Program is an empowerment action taken by ITM Business School to help bright individuals earn some financial relief on their own merit!
Have you applied for the iFirst test yet? If not, hurry up!