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Fashion designing is an art that uses the medium of cloth to sculpt ideas into wearable form. It is highly influenced by social trends & varies greatly over time, place & cultural groups. Besides modern fashion design is not just limited to the designing of clothes only. It includes the related area of accessories as well.

A career in fashion designing can be right for you if you possess the ability to make people look good. Further, you must be creative enough to combine colors, shades, textures & express your ideas through sketches.

For this reason, we’ve put together both short term & long term fashion designing courses to impart everyone the essential skill sets necessary in the stylistic scenery. The aim is to train aspiring fashion designers & equip them with a creative vision. If you are looking to jump-start a career in fashion design or are already working in the fashion designing industry & simply want to enhance your existing knowledge of the subject, you can enroll for one of our intensive fashion designing courses in Mumbai with us. Our fashion design course goes beyond formal teachings, to strengthen your basics in the fashion domain.

Our curriculum is a perfect blend that covers various elements of designing, managerial and technical aspects of the textile and apparel sector. Our course also enables you to upgrade from diploma course and complete a bachelor in fashion designing.

As one of the leading fashion designing college in Mumbai, we provide you an excellent platform to truly explore your potential under the guidance of an expert team. By the end of our diploma/degree course in fashion design, you will be ready to pursue a wide range of career prospects which includes Fashion Merchandising, Quality Assurance, Fashion Styling, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Photography & so on.