A brief report on “Classic Talkies 2018: Clash of The Titans”
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“Classic Talkies”, as the name unfolds, is a work of art, of recognized and established value; it is judged over a period, to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. The word “Classic” translates itself to be ‘typical of its kind’.

“Classic Talkies” a TALEWIND initiative in ITM Business School, Kharghar, is a mega event that closes the year gloriously. The event, spanned over a week, comprises of activities for the students like, PR Event which is a prelude to the main event, online promotion and the final event which is the screening of short feature films, of 15minutes duration, allotted to each batch.

Following the trend since 2015, this year too, TALEWIND team prides in having conducted the grand finale being, “Clash of The Titans”, where 14 batches, battled it out, in a grand magnum opus, recreating a feature film on a given Indian mythological character and their most conspicuous attribute, which would eventually help them succeed in life. These attributes as portrayed by the famous mythological characters, can easily be likened to an essential life skill.

To execute the event, each batch were assigned 1 mythological character and the most predominant characteristic that he/she possessed. The final feature film was woven around the character assigned and the attribute/essential life skill he or she exhibits, and how this predominant quality of his or her helped in eventual life success.

“Classic Talkies 2018” included the following:
A ‘Teaser Releaser’ on 14th December was a brief trailer (maximum 1 minute) of the main movie. This was released on YouTube.

A PR event, “Music & Mime” was held on 18th December, 4 pm onwards, in the Amphitheatre with the elements of both mime and music (instrumental alone) was portrayed by each batch for a duration of maximum 10 minutes.
The online promotional activities supporting the entire event was between, 20th-24th December.

The magnum opus, “Clash of The Titans” held on 27th December, 9am-5pm, in the Big Auditorium witnessed each batch play their final feature film, based on the protagonist and his/her predominant life skill/attribute.

Overall, “Classic Talkies 2018: Clash of The Titans”, was a huge success in incorporation from all the departmental heads and their team, not to forget the incessant support rendered by Ms. Manisha Sachdev, HOD, team TALEWIND.