A brief on Executive MBA details
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An EMBA or Executive MBA is a program that is designed for working professionals and like your regular MBA the main focus of this program is to enhance business concepts and improve analytical thinking. Both regular MBA and EMBA have an equivalent value in the market place however both serve different types of people as the former is usually opted by students and the latter is opted by working professionals.

When you enrol for Executive MBA program you get to attain knowledge about several aspects. Executive MBA details are mostly related to educating entrepreneurs, working professionals, business men or people in mid-level management about business concepts that help them attain leadership skills. While weekend MBA institute give ample amount of flexibility by holding classes either in the evening or during weekends, a regular MBA has a more demanding schedule.

However, both the programs are equally demanding and require you to devote 6 to 12 hours per week from your schedule for studying or completing assignments.

Understanding Executive MBA details

EMBA programs are rigorous and leave you with little time for yourself. They demand that you study 10-12 hours in addition to spending 6-7 hours every week in the classroom. You may not have the chance to socialize or devote time to your family in pursuit of successfully completing this program.

Usually Executive MBA spans for a period of 1 year or it may go up till 16 months depending on the course. The curriculum is designed in such a manner as to give you in-depth knowledge about a subject and teaches you how to work in teams. These programs are more focused on making you adapt to different types of soft skills such as interpersonal skills, communication skills and behavioural skills.

Team building is an important exercise that you would learn about as classes are usually filled with pupils of diverse ethnicity or individuals belonging to different companies. They could be working as a CEO or they could be working in senior level positions. The positive learning that happens in a classroom is mostly through your peers and the professors. The more vibrant a group is, the more effective would be your learning in and outside the classroom.

Education plays an eminent role in upgrading our career pedestal. Once you have attained a degree in executive MBA, you would be eligible to apply for designations of higher cadre and also be rewarded with higher salary packages.