A brief about Bachelors in Optometry
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Optometry is a healthcare profession that is related to studying the vision and eye sight of a patient. This dynamic and challenging profession requires you study in depth about the eye structure and learn about the diagnoses and ailments related with the eye. As a person interested in studying this complicated structure and learning the procedure of diagnoses and ailments related with the eye you should enrol for Bachelors in Optometry.

Who is an optometrist?

The person enrolled for Bachelors in Optometry is eligible to become an optometrist. He is not eligible to perform surgeries but he is a health care specialist who has various career growth opportunities with ability to gain success and financial stability. There are also flexible working hours for the specialist of this nature.

Duties of an optometrist

  • He conducts comprehensive eye examination for patients
  • His duty is to diagnose and manage diseases related to the eye
  • He has to identify disorders of the visual/ocular system
  • He also prescribes glasses or contact lenses
  • He provides low vision aids, binocular vision therapy/ treatment
  • He provides rehabilitation of the visually impaired

By opting for a career in this field you can virtually lead a stress free life with a secured income and growth opportunity you can excel at your career.

Educational requirements for enrolling under Bachelors in Optometry

The educational qualification that are required for a career in optometry pertains to the following requisites:

  • A Bachelors in Optometry is a must for you if you want have a career in the field of optometry. The course requires you to study for 4 years which usually comprises of 3 years study and 1 year of internship that helps you gain vocational training.
  • If you want to enrol for the course of optometry then you need to ensure that you are a pass out from science stream. You should have opted for science subjects in your 10+2 which would qualify you to take up optometry as your specialised learning program.
  • You should have an interest in studying about science subjects and particularly show keen interest in studying eye structure and ailments related to the eye.
  • You should have a certain percentage of marks while applying for the course. These may vary from college to college. Thus you should check for eligibility criteria before enrolling and setting your benchmarks for the college you want to opt for.

A career in optometry is fulfilling and satisfying. There is growth in the sector and you also get to help patients suffering from an ailment. Although prescribing glasses or contact lenses is the primary treatment or role that is required from an optometrist, you may also assist doctors or surgeons of eyes in the operating theatre. Excellence in every field requires diligence therefore 4 years of study would be able to fulfil your needs for a rewarding career in the field of health care. You may choose to be an assistant for a surgeon, work in a eye care centre or you may opt to open your own shop that provides glasses and lenses to customers as well diagnoses them for any eye ailments.