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If you are in a job, chances are you understand the value of skills and domain expertise. Sometimes, you lack some key skills and it hinders your growth in your organization. When you are in a managerial position, you know the value of important skills and you want to hire people with relevant domain expertise.

Operations Management is one of those areas of management education that equips you with an important domain expertise. It teaches you how to design a production or service process. An operations management professional can help make the entire production process or service delivery process smooth, cost-effective, and disruption-free.

A PGDM in Operations Management equips you with tools and knowledge required for making the processes more efficient and result-oriented. If you are in a job, you would understand how this aspect of management education is critical for medium and large projects. Consequently, many working executives decide to join a PGDM-level executive-training program in operations management. 

In this blog, we will discuss the main areas of study for an Executive PGDM in operations management. 

Over the years, businesses and manufacturing processes have grown extremely big and complicated. Keeping a watch on the processes has also become difficult and painstaking. But keeping pace with the changing times, researchers and innovators have produced appropriate solutions. 

An Executive PDGM program includes all relevant knowledge, tools, and skills for operations management professionals to be able to streamline and upgrade the process. This enhances the effectiveness and productivity of the company and its processes.  

Where to Study

For any professional course, you should choose the institution carefully. The most important thing here is the institution’s links with the industry. An institution having a good working relationship with the industry will be able to train you as an industry-ready professional. It can also help you in campus placement in a big way. 

ITM Group of Institutions offer an Executive PGDM Program at Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune. The courses are especially designed for working professionals keeping their needs and limitations in mind. The fees for ITM Executive PGDM is affordable and the institute also offers a limited number of scholarships and campus placement. 

Following are the important areas of study in Operations Management  

Efficiency and Productivity 

In any manufacturing and services industry, operations is a key part. Each of the many projects that constitute the actual work needs to be handled properly for a higher-level of efficiency and productivity. There can be many constraints in a project such as budget and time. As part of the Executive PGDM program in operations management, various aspects and principles of project management are taught. All the challenges that might crop up while implementing a project are covered in the program. So, operations management professionals with a PGDM are expected to manage a project well and with greater efficiency.  

Material Management 

Operations Management often includes some components of supply chain management which is further divided into material and inventory management. For a live project, getting different components including the materials and machineries at one place can be difficult. However, an operations management professional would anticipate all the typical needs of a project and how inventory and supply management tools can be employed to optimize efficiency and trouble-free project implementation. 

Quality Control 

Quality control is a very important aspect in the development or manufacturing of a product. Quality control needs to be ensured at every critical level in the manufacturing process. For a product or a project to exude refinement and quality, it has to be put through quality control and quality management measures. An executive PGDM program in Operations Management makes you aware of the quality issues and provides your training and tools to ensure that you are able to ensure quality at your projects. Ensuring quality is also important to make sure that the products and services have a certain degree of consistency in terms of quality and features.  

Why Choose An Executive Master’s Program?

Here are some of the benefits of doing an Executive Master’s Program:

  • Flexible class schedule ensures you don’t miss out on job or domestic life
  • Classroom of working professionals helps you in your job and profession
  • It helps you change career tracks without losing seniority or slowing down
  • You can use at workplace instantly what you learn in the classroom

For working professionals, continuing education can mean the best of the two worlds -- education and work. They can choose a course that helps them develop and build skills that are in demand in the industry. It can help them in their professions and they can get higher salary and important roles in the organizations where they work. An Executive Program ensures that the person can continue to work while also studying, simultaneously. A Master’s or PG program helps you to choose an area of specialization and build necessary skills and knowledge to make a successful career.

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