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What Career Can You Find With A PGDM in Financial Markets


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A PGDM in Financial Markets prepares you for important management roles in the capital market. By capital market, we mean avenues from where capital for new businesses, business expansion, or new projects can be accessed. Among other institutions, the capital market primarily includes the stock market.

Stock market is a popular institution for collecting capital from individual investors. Unlike bank loans, money collected through capital markets does not attract interest.  Even banks and financial institutions use the stock market to invest and access capital. 

We all know that a single share market can do transactions worth multi-billion dollars in a day. When so much money is changing hands, it would require modern and sophisticated systems. It would also require suitably qualified and talented management professionals to manage the operations. They need to have a thorough understanding of the financial markets and how it works.  

Fresh management graduates with specialization in Financial Markets are in great demand. The financial markets itself has seen phenomenal growth in recent years. Countries that didn’t have stock exchanges in the previous decades are not having it, thanks to expertise from professionals from other countries. Countries that had one or two stock exchanges have seen the number growing. 

But the single-biggest change that has revolutionised the capital market is the introduction of digital technologies and processes. It has made it possible for every smartphone owner to invest in the capital market. 


Where to Study

For PGDM in Financial Markets, you should choose an institution which is known for imparting intensive classroom and practical training. You need to learn a lot about the stock markets and the companies before you can start to work in the capital markets. 

ITM Group of Institutions offers an industry-leading PGDM program in Financial Markets. The admission is offered through an entrance test followed by a group discussion and an interview. The institute also offers some scholarships at the time of admission. 

ITM Business School offers its PGDM programs from 6 campuses throughout the country. It maintains an impressive track record of finding 100% placement for its students. PGDM passouts of the previous batch secured an average salary of Rs 6.5 lakh per annum while the highest salary offered was Rs 10.8 lakh per annum. 


What Roles Can a PGDM in Capital Markets Expect? 

There are various PGDM courses that prepare you for a career in financial, fintech, and capital markets. Similarly, there are many PGDM colleges in India that offer Post Graduate Diploma courses in financial markets. ITM Business School’s management programs are one of the top PGDM courses in India. PGDM diplomas from reputed PGDM institutes can offer extremely rewarding careers.   


There are many different roles in the capital and financial markets that a PGDM in Financial Markets can aim for. Here is a brief list:

Commercial Banker: In this role, you will be in a leadership position of a bank, financial institution, or an investment firm. Your responsibilities would include leading your team to achieve the target set for your branch. The key result area for you would be to attract new investors to use your platform for their investments. Maintaining old investors and providing them excellent investment services would also be equally important. For you to succeed in this field, you need to have both knowledge of the capital markets and leadership qualities.     

Portfolio Manager: As a Portfolio Manager, you will be managing the portfolio of investments for your clients who could be High Networth Individuals (HNIs). For this role, too, you need a deep and clear understanding of the capital market. You should be able to track leading stocks and create business intelligence to guide your client’s investment decisions. You need to critically analyze different investment tools available such as bonds, mutual funds, stocks, etc. 

Relationship Manager: You could work at a bank, financial company, or a similar private business and help the clients’ and investors’ to choose their investment products. Your role could be to provide research and intelligence for them to take an informed decision.  

Stock Broker: One of the most talked about roles in a stock market is that of a stock broker. Anyone who wants to buy or sell stocks needs the help of a stock broker. To be a stock broker, you need to be well-versed with the capital markets’ rules and standard procedures. You also need to have critical business and financial information about different companies so that you can take appropriate investment decisions.    

Consultant: As a capital market consultant, you will offer your expertise in fixing and upgrading the infrastructure to tap the capital market. Your services would be mostly required by institutional investors such as banks and investment funds. With a deep knowledge about the products and processes of the capital market, you can create an expertise that many institutions and large investors might find useful. You can also set up your own capital market consultancy business.


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