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Do you want to make a career in medical lab technology? If your answer is yes, you have chosen one of the many professional programs available at ITM University Raipur. Let’s have a look at what it takes to make a career in Medical Lab Technology.  


Bachelor of Lab Technology

If you are not interested in too many theory classes and enjoy doing experiments in the science labs, you can consider a career in medical lab technology. This program trains you about human biology and its investigations through lab tests. These investigations are required for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. You can join a Bachelor of Lab Technology and make a career in the evergreen healthcare industry. Jobs in this sector are available in large numbers. A degree in lab technology and some work experience can make you employable wherever you choose to work. You can also go for higher studies and complete a Master’s program in Lab Technology. All these programs are available at ITM University Raipur.


Bachelor in Fashion Design

It is in this light that it’s important to make a well-thought-out decision about the program you want to pursue. If you join a bachelor’s program in fashion design such as B Des in Fashion Design, your career can take a completely new direction. It will see you making a career in fashion designing. You may take up a job with a fashion house or may start your own fashion boutique. With a degree in fashion design, you can become a fashion writer or explore a career in the international fashion industry. However, as a student at the 10+2 level, you must not think that merely joining a high-profile course or institute will become successful in your chosen field. You will have to study hard and keep learning all through academic life and career to stay ahead in your profession.


Integrated BBA LLB Program

Another program that we shouldn’t ignore talking about is BBA LLB Course. It is a four-year program and is available at ITM University Raipur. If you want to seek a career in corporate laws, it’s this program, an integrated BBA LLB Course, that will see your dreams come true. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an excellent program at the bachelor’s level that lays a strong foundation for a career in business management. You can do an MBA or PGDM after BBA to further improve your professional standing in your chosen field. An LLB degree makes you eligible to take up a career in the legal profession. An integrated BBA LLB course, therefore, brings the benefit of both business administration and law. In fact, the training makes you ready for a career in corporate law.


Where should you study?

More than the program you choose to study during your bachelor’s it’s the choice of the institute holds greater significance. An institute plays a very important role in how a student’s academic life shapes up. Institutes that don’t have a strong academic culture give in to frivolous elements and become a non-serious place. It’s not good for students. A good student can get spoilt in an institute that doesn’t focus on grooming talents. Similarly, an average student can turn out to be a great achiever if the institute where he studies has an enabling environment. In this light, you must choose your institute after proper research and planning.


ITM University Raipur

If you want to study a professional program for your under-graduation, studying at ITM University Raipur can be a good option. It offers many professional programs ranging from engineering to hotel management. You can take your pick from the available courses and pursue your under-graduation at the peaceful campus of ITM University Raipur. It boasts an excellent academic infrastructure starting from classrooms and hostels to labs and sporting facilities.

Where you want to pursue a bachelor degree in commerce or lab technology, ITM University Raipur has you covered. If your pick is an integrated BBA LLB course or B Des in Fashion Design, you are covered nevertheless.

Here is a list of all the undergraduate courses available at ITM University Raipur:

1. B.Des in Fashion Design, 3 Years, Full-Time

2. B.Des in Interior Design, 4 Years, Full-Time

3. Bachelor of Technology, 4 Years, Full-Time

4. Bachelor of Architecture, 4 Years, Full-Time

5. Bachelor of Technology, 4 Years, Full-Time

6. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Hospitality and Tourism Management, 3 Years, Full-Time

7. Bachelor of Business Administration, 3 Years, Full-Time

8. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, 3 Years, Full-Time

9. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, 3 Years, Full-Time

10. BCA in Cloud Technology & Information Security, 3 Years, Full-Time

11. BCA in Mobile Application & Information Security, 3 Years, Full-Time

12. Bachelors in Computer Application, 3 Years, Full-Time

13. BBA LLB Integrated Course, 1 Year, Full-Time

14. B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology, 3 Years, Full-Time

15. Bachelor in Commerce, 3 Years, Full-Time

16. Bachelor of Optometry, 4 Years, Full-Time


Summing up

For all the 10+2 students, it’s time to think about their higher education. Soon, they would be pursuing an undergraduate program. So, they must think about the courses they want to join and the institutes where they would like to pursue these courses. Because what they choose now has a bearing on what they end up doing the rest of their lives. For example, if you decide to pursue a bachelor degree in commerce, chances are you will make a career in accounting or business management. It depends on what discipline you choose after graduation. But one thing is sure that your undergraduate education will form the basis of what you do next. So, research and think hard before you take a final call.  

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