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If you are a Class 12 student, it must be a trying time for you. Due to the pandemic, Class 12 examinations have been canceled many times. You are still waiting for the final word on the matter. As you are sitting on the cusp of a new phase in your academic life, it is worth contemplating what career is best post 12th.  

You already know there are many courses after 12th. But which one should you choose? As a young adult, you still have to discover things and know what they mean in reality. For example, you may be dreaming of becoming a pilot. But you don’t have an experience of how the life of a pilot is and whether you would like to have that kind of life. Similarly, you know little about different branches of engineering although you may have a fascination for a particular branch.

In choosing careers after 12th, you should not go by your instincts alone. You should try to collect as much information as possible about the program and career you want to choose. Based on the information you collect, try to develop an understanding of the kind of academic demands it’s going to put on you. For example, you can choose a program in engineering, computers, and hotel management. Which of the 3 suits you the most?

Studying engineering involves studying mathematics and physics. Do you enjoy these subjects? Do you have a strong foundation in these disciplines? If not, why pressure yourself with something you don’t enjoy. But if you enjoy these subjects and have a strong foundation in science, you must pursue engineering or other science-related programs. For instance, ITM Vocational University, Vadodara, runs a 3-year Bachelor of Science program in Industrial Chemistry. These are the best courses after 12th science.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the trendiest and most promising undergraduate programs available at ITM Vocational University, Vadodara.


Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech)

ITM Vadodara runs 2 engineering programs – a 6-year long B.Tech Integrated and a 4-year long B.Tech. B.Tech Integrated is internally divided into two 3-year programs. After the completion of the first 3 years, you receive a diploma in engineering while after 6 years you receive a B.Tech Integrated degree. You can join this course after your 10th. A 4-year B.Tech course is also available where the minimum qualification for admission is Class 12th pass. However, you can apply for admission even when you are in Class 11 or 12. But your admission will be subject to your completing Class 12.

  • B.Tech Integrated (3years Diploma + 3years Degree Program ), 6 Years, Full-Time, Locations: Vadodara
  • Bachelor of Technology, 4 Years, Full-Time, Locations: Vadodara


Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry

Another very interesting and promising undergraduate course at the ITM Vocational University, Vadodara, is Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry. This B.Sc degree equips you with sound knowledge and skills in industrial chemistry. There are great prospects and employment opportunities in this field.

  • Bachelor of Science Industrial Chemistry, 3 Years, Full-Time, Locations: Vadodara


International Hospitality & Tourism Management

If you want to equip yourself with a degree that is fun doing while employment prospects are great, you should choose International Hospitality & Tourism Management. ITM Vadodara offers a 3-year full-time program that prepares you for employment in the hotel, hospitality, and tourism sectors. With this degree in your kitty, you can aim to work anywhere in the world.

  • Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality & Tourism Management, 3 Years, Full-Time, Locations: Vadodara


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

One of the best courses after 12th is Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). This course prepares you for a career as a management professional. After the completion of BBA, you can go for an MBA or PGDM degree or simply start working. Students who don’t have a particular interest in any specialized career can find it worthwhile. They can pursue a meaningful program without stressing themselves too much.  

  • Bachelor of Business Administration – General, 3 Years, Full-Time, Locations: Vadodara


Bachelor’s of Computer Application (BCA)

If you want to make a career in computers, a BCA program can provide a good foundation. ITM Vadodara runs two highly sought-after BCA programs that provide specializations in mobile application, information security, and cloud technology. These are 3-year full-time courses.  

  • BCA in Mobile Application & Information Security, 3 Years, Full-Time, Locations: Vadodara
  • BCA Cloud Technology & Information Security, 3 Years, Full-Time, Locations: Vadodara


B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology

One of the courses after 12th science that promises instant employment is Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab Technology. It is a 3-year, full-time course that provides training in various functions in a medical lab. You can also pursue a master's degree to enhance your career prospects in medical lab technology.  

  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab Technology, 3 Years, Full-Time, Locations: Vadodara


Bachelor of Optometry

Another interesting career opportunity after 12th science is optometry. ITM Vadodara runs a 4-year full-time program in Bachelor of Optometry. It can be one of the best careers after 12th. An optometry professional called an optometrist measures eyesight and prescribes appropriate lenses. He can also detect other diseases and refer the patient to an eye doctor or surgeon.  

  • Bachelor of Optometry, 4 Years, Full-Time, Locations: Vadodara


Concluding Thoughts

Class 12 students are in painful uncertainty about their exams and results. However, they should take heart in the fact that they have just endured and survived a pandemic, nothing less. Covid-19 is on the decline but we must not let our guards down. If we maintain precautions, we would be able to overcome the pandemic and get on with normal life without suffering.

Students in the final years of their schools should start preparing for their further education. You can take inspiration from the courses we have mentioned in this blog. For more information, you can reach out to the ITM admission counselors in Vadodara, Raipur, and Navi Mumbai.  

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