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Your complete guide to ITM Navi Mumbai’s placements


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The ITM Group's TM Navi Mumbai Business School is a private college. The college was founded in 1991 and ranked tenth for MBA by Outlook - ICARE 2021. The college is NBA-accredited and recognised by UGC, AIU, and AICTE. ITM Business School Navi Mumbai offers a PGDM iConnect course in ten specialisations. Let's take a look at ITM Navi Mumbai’s placement.

Key highlights
Criteria Statistics
Establishment year 1991 | Private College
Campus size 3 acre
Top accreditations NBA
Recognised by UGC, AICTE, AIU
Rankings (2021) 10 for MBA by Outlook- ICARE
14 by Outlook- ICARE 2021 for MBA (the Private Standalone B-School in India)
Flagship course PGDM iConnect
Number of scholarships offered 2

Why are placements significant?

Aids in the evaluation of practical skills

The theoretical knowledge a student acquires during their college career will be used practically during job placements. It improves understanding and assists in gaining practical life experience. ITM Navi Mumbai’s placements will provide the best practical experience for students.

Headstart in Career Placements

It allows students to get a head start on their careers. It enables them to seize more opportunities in life and put their best foot forward in the vast labour market. ITM Navi Mumbai’s placement can give you the perfect head-start. 

Determine your life's purpose

Placements provide students with the necessary guidance as they progress in life. The placement phase in college allows them to choose whether they want to enter the workforce right away or pursue a higher degree.

The placements are essential, but the existence of a dedicated department is even more critical. ITM Navi Mumbai’s placement will help you understand what suits you best and the future you have in mind.

Feel the organisation

ITM Navi Mumbai’s placements allow you to get a sense of the organisation and, as a result, decide if the work is a good fit for you. After putting in years of study to the course, students are frequently disheartened and disillusioned with jobs.

When you do a placement, it gives you a sneak-peak into the industry. A work placement does not bind you to the organisation. Work on a placement basis is a temporary commitment.

ITM Navi Mumbai’s placement experience allows you to hone your skills and, as a result, look for the ideal job when applying for actual employment.

Work placements allow you to explore different careers earlier in your education. In other words, work placements assist you in determining your career path by providing you with opportunities. ITM Navi Mumbai’s placement is the best shot at a lucrative career and organisation.


Competence in a specific skill is one of the most important qualities an employer looks for. A work placement will help you develop various abilities.

If an employer recognises that you have work experience on your CV, it may give you a competitive advantage over someone with similar qualifications.

A work placement in a company may not give you complete authority or control over the job. However, the experience and skills you gain on the job will be useful when applying for a full-time position in a company. ITM Navi Mumbai’s placement will let you have that experience.

ITM Navi Mumbai placement at Business School

Ten industry-ready innovative specialisations have been developed to meet the changing industry requirements, including FinTech, Digital Marketing and Transformations, and Business Analytics.

  • The curriculum includes 300+ hours of life skills and professional development.
  • Redesigned NGO Project to instil in students a sense of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • 5-month intensive internship programme with hands-on training.
  • A team of Industry Experts and Core Faculties will mentor the live project.
  • There are over 650 recruiters with overseas placement opportunities.
  • The incredible placement team has achieved 100% placement every year since 2015, even during the pandemic. With over 650 recruiters visiting campus each year, you will have a wide range of brand names and job profiles. ITM Navi Mumbai’s placement brings you the best jobs, top salaries, and international opportunities, from unicorn startups to ET100 top companies.

ITM Navi Mumbai’s placement opportunities will lead students to a great career ahead. It focuses on the student's overall development and learning. ITM tries its best to help students implement these learnings at ITM Navi Mumbai’s placement opportunities.

ITM Navi Mumbai’s rankings

You can safely say ITM Navi Mumbai’s placement rate also plays an important role in the below rankings. 

  • Ranks among the Top​ ​B-Schools in Mumbai​ - Outlook Survey 2022- 14th
  • Ranks among Top 75 Private Business Schools in India by Times Annual B-School Ranking Survey 2021- 19th
  • Ranks among the Top Private Business Schools in India by Cfore- EW B-School Survey 2021- 25th
  • Top Private B-Schools in Mumbai By Times B-School 2020- 6th
  • Top B-Schools in Mumbai by Business Today 2020- 8th
  • Top Eminent B-Schools of Super Excellence By GHRDC- CSR B-School Survey 2020- 10th
  • By Business World B-School Survey Regional 2019- 12th
  • By Business World B-School Survey Private 2019- 32nd
  • By Careers 360 B-School Ranking Survey 2019- 34th

ITM Navi Mumbai Placements 2022
Specialisations Highest Package (in INR LPA) Average Package (in INR LPA)
Marketing 21 8.65
Finance 14.2 8
Business Analytics 12.5 6
Supply Chain & Operations 12.4 7.5
HRM 8.5 6.5
International Business 15 7.5
Retail Management & Marketing 10.40 7.2
Financial Markets 10.8 6.5
Digital Marketing and Transformation 8.5 5.6
Fintech 9.2 6.4

ITM Navi Mumbai courses

Take a look at the courses and fees at ITM Navi Mumbai-

PGDM iConnect in Financial Markets

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in International Business

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Marketing

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Human Resource Management

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Finance

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95

PGDM iConnect in Digital Marketing and Transformation

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Retail Management and Marketing

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Supply Chain Operations Management

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Business Analytics

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Fintech

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L


Aside from the information provided above about work placements, the importance of placements for students can be seen in the competitive advantage it provides over peers.

Work placements allow you to discover your own potential while also highlighting your shortcomings. Recognising your shortcomings early in your career allows you to improve and refine your skills. In the long run, this leads to a better career. ITM Navi Mumbai’s placement gives you an edge over others. 

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