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Why do graduates need to pick PGDM as their first choice?


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Today, most students make the mistake of enrolling in a PG program. In any event, individuals must decide whether an MBA or a PGDM is a better way to advance in their careers. There is a distinction between PGDM and MBA. Regardless, there are numerous advantages to PGDM.

The confusion comes when you see the phrase Diploma. PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Many students believe that it is a diploma program rather than a degree program; you are entirely correct to that extent. 

The primary reason why postgraduate courses are referred to as PGDM is that when a foundation is an independent body (that is, it is not affiliated with any University) and conducts executive courses, such Institutes cannot issue MBA degrees.

Details about PGDM

A postgraduate Business Study Management course is known as a PGDM. The Post Graduate Diploma in Management course is intended to equip students with the aptitudes and talents required to advance to trustworthy global positions in management. It revolves around the principle that world-class business pioneers are not mass-produced; they are supported and built with customized care and consideration, in small work gatherings and groups, and in a viable, application-based, simple-to-comprehend condition.

The program is provided through establishments recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), which are self-governing and not affiliated with any college. Regardless, certification by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) elevates a company's PGDM program to the level of an MBA.

The Benefits of Taking a PGDM Course at the PGDM colleges in Mumbai

Typically, self-sufficient schools maintain the most recent schedule in accordance with market demand; nonetheless, it is unthinkable to expect colleges to update the prospectus on a regular basis. It will take three to five years, and in certain circumstances seven years.

Because the institution will be partnering with multiple colleges, prospectus materials and course readings will need to change, as will employees. As a result, changing the prospectus will necessitate investment. However, in self-sufficient universities, they will adapt consistently in accordance with the current market pattern. In order for students to receive the most latest information.


To be eligible for admission to the PGDM Program in the PGDM colleges in Mumbai, members must have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent, with at least 50% total imprints or proportional in any control, as determined by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) for post-graduate projects.

The competitor's four-year college education or proportionate competence must include at least three years of the instruction following completion of upper auxiliary tutoring under the 10+2 framework or equivalent.

The Admissions Procedure.

Various screening tests are held in India on a regular basis for applicants for the Post Graduate Diploma in Management degree. Individuals who have validated more than half of their stamps are excluded from placement examinations and can receive instant confirmation of their school choice. Individuals who have received less than half marks in graduation should take one of the following placement examinations to get admitted to their preferred institution.

Entrance Exam for PGDM at PGDM colleges in Mumbai

  • XAT 2023-24 (Xavier Aptitude Test)
  • MAT 2023-24 (Management Aptitude Test)
  • ATMA 2023-24 (AIMS Test for Management Admissions)
  • GMAT 2023-24 (Graduate Management Admission Test)
  • CAT 2023-24(Common Admission Test)
  • CMAT 2023-24 (Common Management Admission Test)

Some of the Specializations Offered

  • Information System
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Operations Management
  • International Business

The course's objectives.

  • To raise awareness about the financial situation, both domestic and global, and its implications for businesses.
  • Sharpen logical and critical thinking abilities by using cutting-edge administrative tools to increase fundamental leadership abilities.
  • To impart cutting-edge abilities and information in functional areas of the board with the aim of preparing understudies for cross-functional tasks in the industry.

Options for a Career.

PGDM at PGDM colleges in Mumbai is an industry-focused program that allows you to gain practical expertise in a significant subject like Human Resource Management while also picking minor courses like Marketing, Finance, IT, and Project Management, giving you an advantage over other rivals. 

All things considered, PGDM is a career-focused program that instills work-related competencies in students and provides higher placement opportunities than other expert courses. PGDM provides a truly necessary presentation to the ever-changing corporate world. Understudies become acquainted with the corporate environment, which prepares them for employment.

Privately owned enterprises hire board understudies for positions in a variety of operational areas. An understudy who has completed his PGDM from a prominent institution can be effectively placed in top private organizations through grounds procedures. You can also work at the section level in industries such as advertising, finance, human resources, tasks, and so on.

Job Types

  • Retailing Manager
  • Hotel & Catering Manager
  • Logistics
  • Manager
  • Public Relation Officer
  • Publisher & Columnist
  • Sale-purchase Assist. Manager
  • Teacher & Professor
  • Tourism Manager
  • Accountant
  • Executive Director & Head

Some of the benefits of obtaining a PGDM degree include:

  • Cheaper than an MBA.

Despite being equivalent to an MBA, PGDM courses are less expensive while providing the same benefits.

  • Entrepreneurial Scope.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, this course will teach you everything you need to know.

  • Excellent Academics.

You will have the opportunity to study with some of the best academics in the field, who will also mentor you.

Opportunities for Employment Following a PGDM

Following your PGDM, you could pursue the following professional paths:

  • Data Scientist: This is the most sought-after job in the world right now. Specialized PGDM courses in Mumbai in Business Analytics might help you land the job of your dreams.
  • Consultants: They are persons who have considerable knowledge of the topic matter. Companies like Mckinsey, BCG, Deloitte, PWC, E&Y, and others hire and compensate students well.
  • Auditor: An auditor examines the company's financial and balance sheets. They are critical in assisting firms in maintaining their balance sheets in order to minimize IT department issues.
  • Project Manager: Management students understand resource consumption and distribution. This position is particularly in demand in the IT industry, where PGDM courses in Mumbai in Enterprise Management may be advantageous.

Programs Offered