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What’s so unique about pursuing PGDM from ITM Bombay?


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The ITM Bombay (Navi Mumbai) Business School is a private college run by the ITM Group. Founded in 1991, ITM College ranks tenth in the world for MBA programmes by Outlook - ICARE 2021. ITM College has NBA accreditation and has recognition from the UGC, AIU, and AICTE. ITM Business School Navi Mumbai offers ten PGDM iConnect specialisations. 

ITM Bombay offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in management, engineering, hospitality, computer applications, and other fields. The campus features cutting-edge infrastructure, such as modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, a well-stocked library, and other amenities that allow students to excel in their chosen fields.

Key highlights ( Business school)
Criteria Statistics
Establishment year 1991 | Private College
Campus size 3 acre
Top accreditations NBA
Recognised by UGC, AICTE, AIU
Rankings (2021) 10th for MBA by Outlook- ICARE
14th by Outlook- ICARE 2021 for MBA (the Private Standalone B-School in India)
Flagship course PGDM iConnect
Number of scholarships offered 2
ITM Bombay placements 2022
Specialisations Highest Package (in INR LPA) Average Package (in INR LPA)
Marketing 21 8.65
Finance 14.2 8
Business Analytics 12.5 6
Supply Chain & Operations 12.4 7.5
HRM 8.5 6.5
International Business 15 7.5
Retail Management & Marketing 10.40 7.2
Financial Markets 10.8 6.5
Digital Marketing and Transformation 8.5 5.6
Fintech 9.2 6.4

ITM Bombay courses

Take a look at the courses and fees at ITM Bombay’s courses-

PGDM iConnect in Financial Markets

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in International Business

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Marketing

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Human Resource Management

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Finance

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95

PGDM iConnect in Digital Marketing and Transformation

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Retail Management and Marketing

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Supply Chain Operations Management

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Business Analytics

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

PGDM iConnect in Fintech

  • ITM Navi Mumbai’s fees- ₹10.95 L

What’s unique about study PGDM from ITM Bombay?

PGDM, or Post Graduate Diploma in Management, is a highly regarded management program that is gaining popularity among students who want to pursue a career in management. ITM Bombay’s PGDM is a course that gives students a holistic view of the business world and equips them with the skills required to become effective managers. Here are some unique aspects of pursuing a PGDM from ITM Bombay-

Industry-oriented curriculum

One of the unique elements of ITM Bombay is that the curriculum is designed to cater to the needs of the industry. The course structure is regularly updated to keep pace with the latest trends and developments in the business world. It ensures that the students are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills that are in demand in the job market.

Emphasis on practical learning

Post Graduate Diploma in Management programs focuses on practical learning rather than theoretical knowledge. The students are encouraged to participate in case studies, simulations, and live projects, providing them with a real-world experience of the challenges businesses face. It makes them job-ready and helps them transition smoothly into the corporate world.

Exposure to diverse cultures

PGDM program attracts students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. It allows the students to learn about different cultures and perspectives. This exposure helps them develop a global outlook and prepares them to work in a multicultural environment.

Networking opportunities

ITM Bombay programs provide students with ample opportunities to network with industry experts, alums, and peers. It helps them build a solid professional network essential for career growth.

Personal and professional development

ITM courses not only focus on imparting business knowledge and skills but also on the overall development of the students. They provide training in soft skills, leadership, and communication, essential for personal and professional growth.


ITM Bombay programs offer various specialisations, such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations, etc. It allows students to choose a specialisation that aligns with their interests and career goals. It helps them gain in-depth knowledge in a particular field and prepares them for specialised roles in the industry.


PGDM programs offer flexible course structures that cater to the needs of working professionals. They offer weekend classes, evening classes, and online courses that allow students to balance their academic and professional commitments.

In conclusion, pursuing a PGDM program is a unique experience that offers a range of benefits. It provides students with an industry-oriented curriculum, practical learning, exposure to diverse cultures, networking opportunities, personal and professional development, specialisations, and flexibility. These unique aspects of PGDM make it a popular choice among students who want to pursue a career in management.

Skills required for PGDM courses

Pursuing a PGDM program requires a range of skills essential for success in the business world. Here are some of the skills that students should possess or develop during the course of their program-

Communication skills- Effective communication skills are essential for building relationships, negotiating deals, and presenting ideas. Students should be able to express themselves clearly, both verbally and in writing.

Analytical skills- They are crucial for problem-solving, decision-making, and strategic planning. Students should be able to analyze data, identify trends, and draw conclusions.

Leadership skills- Leadership skills are important for motivating teams, delegating tasks, and achieving goals. Students should be able to inspire others and lead by example.

Teamwork skills- Teamwork skills are essential for collaborating with others and achieving shared goals. Students should be able to work effectively in teams, respect different perspectives, and resolve conflicts.

Time management skills- Time management skills are crucial for prioritizing tasks, meeting deadlines, and managing multiple responsibilities. Students should be able to manage their time effectively and balance their academic and professional commitments.

Adaptability skills- Adaptability skills are important for dealing with change and uncertainty. Students should be able to adapt to new situations, embrace new ideas, and learn from feedback.

Creativity and Innovation skills- These skills are important for generating new ideas and finding creative solutions to problems. Students should be able to think outside the box, come up with innovative solutions, and take calculated risks.

Possessing or developing these skills is essential for success in ITM Bombay’s PGDM program and business. The program curriculum and practical learning experiences provided by ITM college programs often focus on developing these skills to prepare students for the challenges of the business world.

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