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What You Need To Know About PGDM in International Business Management


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With a dual specialization in Marketing OR Finance AND International Business and the option to select credits from the Business Analytics Specialization, the PGDM-International Business (Two Year Program) is accredited by NBA and granted equivalent to MBA by AIU.

Since the program's start in 2010, it has developed a distinctive personality across numerous international platforms. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, the program prepares students to take on significant challenges and explore opportunities. 

The curriculum is praised by the industry for its cutting-edge teaching, strong connections to industry, and global and international exposure. It prepares someone for a professional career in business management so they can make a contribution to the industry in India and the rest of the world.

A diverse range of inbound and outbound learning opportunities are offered through the PGDM in International Business management program. The educational approach emphasizes exposure to the academic and industrial worlds. Live projects, internships, on-the-job training, and industrial projects enable hands-on learning while the classroom modules place an emphasis on idea introduction and theoretical foundation building through multimedia presentations, role-plays, and case studies.

The curriculum opens doors to chances for developing a career on a worldwide scale in a variety of industries, including export-import, foreign commerce, logistics management, and foreign exchange departments of banks. Due to the program's unique ability to offer dual major specialization and the chance to select either Finance or Marketing as a major elective in addition to International Business management, its popularity is on the rise as India makes waves in the global arena.

Employment Perspective

One can easily demonstrate their knowledge and capacity to accept international jobs with the help of a PGDM in International Business management. In addition to having the option to shift within domestic organizations, one can also take pleasure in moving into a thrilling, gratifying, and fast-paced profession within global business entities. The following are some bright areas of employment in international trade and business:

  • International Trade and Customs Manager
  • Export/Logistics Executives and Coordinators
  • Trade Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Research Associate
  • Export Managers and Executives
  • Marketing Manager
  • International Business Consultant
  • International Finance Consultant

Who may apply?

  • Ambitious recent graduates in the fields of commerce, science, and the arts, as well as in technology, hotel administration/management, fashion design, and communication, who want to work in International Business management.
  • With a unique blend of experiential learning and classroom instruction, the program is meticulously designed to prepare students for careers in multinational or Indian corporations and help them comprehend and cope with the intricacies of real-world business situations.
  • People who want to concentrate in this field and want to pursue a research career, either inside or outside of academia.
  • People interested in export, import, logistics, banks, and exchange should apply for the PGDM IB program since it places a greater emphasis on teaching management skills within the framework of an International Business management subjects environment. To concentrate on areas like marketing and finance in addition to International Business management course, a student might select electives in the second year.
  • graduates who have some relevant work experience in retailing but whose degrees are in unrelated fields.
  • professionals just starting their careers who hope to advance to senior positions in the future.

Highlights of the PGDM in International Business

  • The dual specialization (both major) PGDM-IB course gives students the option to choose between 1. A finance concentration and International Business. 2. A focus on international business and marketing.
  • Extensive course offerings that cover every facet of marketing, finance, and international business. International Business management subjects with the highest demand are those on India's foreign trade, investment and policy, international trade procedure and risk management, global supply chain management, and international trade logistics.
  • For increased employment opportunities, take an exclusive foreign language course and integrate it with rising disciplines like business analytics, digital marketing, e-commerce, and marketing analytics.
  • Innovative Teaching Pedagogy: Extempore, Debates, Business Plan Competitions, Online Quizzes, etc.
  • Along with export-import businesses, logistics firms, and multinational consulting firms, there are opportunities for global placement in the International Business management diploma.
  • International exposure through business and academic travel abroad in International Business management diploma.
  • Self-Directed Learning (SDL): Encouraging and empowering students by giving them the freedom to discuss, debate, and find solutions to actual business problems through Outbound Experiential Learning, such as Field/Live Projects, Industry Research Projects, Social Sensitization Projects, Community Development Projects, MOOC Courses, NCFM Certifications, etc.
  • Industry-related projects, real-world internships and projects, networking with business professionals, and international placements with export-import firms, logistics providers, and multinational consultancies.
  • Programs, workshops, certificates, and symposiums for management development in association with FIEO, ASSOCHAM, and MSME (A govt. of India enterprise).

Benefits of selecting PGDM-IB include:

Obtain a competitive edge in the market - Due to globalization and liberalization policies, businesses are increasingly seeking out people with experience in International Business management courses. All of the knowledge and abilities related to international relations and laws are covered in this course.

Explore the business world - By interacting with the outside business community, you can get knowledge about how to handle macro and micro difficulties in various settings. You will learn about many countries, their economies, trade regulations, and negotiation techniques, among other subjects of knowledge, in import and export sessions.

Explore the globe with PGDM - international business internship opportunities, which include learning at least one foreign language. Travelling the world allows you to develop all of your skills and get professional experience on a global scale.

Through a variety of dream professions, the PGDM-IB can lay the groundwork for a highly engaging and successful international career.

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