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What is the procedure for selecting PGDM & MBA colleges and which is better - MBA or PGDM


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Candidates must take national-level admission tests such as the CAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, GMAT, and CMAT, among others. Most PGDM and MBA colleges accept grades from these exams, and students can choose to take one or more of them.

For the first level of selection, the IIMs accept solely CAT scores, whilst other elite institutes allow CAT, MAT, and other competition scores. Consider taking the CAT exam, which is approved by all of India's top PGDM & MBA colleges. Although they may give these ratings less or more weightage, they have their own selection procedure in subsequent rounds.

The following rounds may include group talks and personal interviews, and some institutes may also examine your past academic scores and grant weightage to them.

Each of these universities reviews the information on the candidates' application forms and weighs their academic and/or entrance scores before inviting them to Group Discussions and Personal Interviews. Seats in the desired PGDM and MBA colleges can be reserved only once all rounds have been successfully completed.

Differences that define which is better MBA or PGDM

Now that the key distinctions and similarities between PGDM and MBA have been reviewed, it is time to determine which of the two is more relevant and valuable in today's world.

  • PGDM course follow an industry-oriented curriculum with a more practical approach, whereas MBA programs are more theoretical in nature.
  • Because of the practical understanding PGDM courses provide, many firms in India and overseas choose them over MBA. Classrooms are tough, with courses from top industry leaders and management internships being a typical component that prepares students for work situations ahead of time.
  • PGDM institutes, which are self-driven, work harder than MBA universities to put their students in diverse industries.
  • Because of their increased and updated abilities, PGDM students have more work prospects.
  • Autonomous colleges have a cutting-edge syllabus that is constantly updated, whereas universities are not permitted to change the syllabus more frequently. Because the world is more transforming than ever today, syllabus books and textbooks must update frequently.

What are the best-paid jobs following a PGDM?

PGDM salaries are influenced by a variety of criteria such as work function, location, experience, firm type, and so on. The following are some of the highest-paying positions for PGDM graduates:

  • Investment Banker - Salaries for investment bankers vary greatly depending on the firm, but an initial salary of 8 to 10 lakhs per year might rise to 50-80 lakhs after a few years of expertise.
  • Project Manager - Project managers can earn up to 20 lakh per year, depending on the city and the organization.
  • Management Consulting - Salaries vary depending on a number of criteria, but management consultants may expect to earn between 20 and 30 lakhs per year.
  • Business Development Manager - Business Development managers earn a good living. Their average annual salary is around 15 lakhs. Working with top companies, on the other hand, may push this amount far higher.
  • Marketing Manager - Marketing departments have some of the highest-paid employees. With a performance incentive deducted, the typical compensation of a marketing manager might be close to 12 lakhs.
  • Sales Managers - Because they generate revenue, their starting wages average 8 lakhs per year.
  • Business Analyst - Initially, business analysts may be able to earn between Rs 5 Lacs and Rs 11 Lacs.

For individuals with tenacity and learning zeal, PDGM is an extremely rewarding career option. People with a PGDM work to lead others and are at the pinnacle of their respective fields' knowledge. After a few years of expertise, they might expect to earn a salary of more than 50 lakhs per annum.

How to select a business school?

The most crucial factor to consider while selecting a Business School is the faculty. In general, these are the final two years of formal education, and mediocre or substandard instructors may not be able to do the program justice. 

The best curriculum will not work with bad professors. Students should go to the concerned school's website and look for the teaching staff. Look up the professors' qualifications, previous work history, present consultancy contracts, research activities, and so on.

Which course offers students a better salary, MBA or PGDM?

A degree is not the only criterion that might lead to a higher wage. A higher remuneration would be contingent on the candidate's job experience and skills. PGDM is equivalent to MBA. A PGDM or MBA from a reputable school will get you the same pay. Furthermore, whether you sought an MBA or a PGDM, your compensation would be entirely dependent on how you justified yourself and seized the opportunity.

Unlike MBA programs, which are more theoretical in nature, PGDM programs are industry focused. PGDM places a greater emphasis on grooming programs, mentorship, and industry exposure. PGDM programs also provide more stringent placement services. As a result, pursuing a PGDM education from a renowned institute is usually an excellent way to pursue good pay alternatives.

How to Select a Business School for Your PGDM or MBA Program.

In general, we spend more time investigating the characteristics of a smartphone we want to buy than we do research on the school where we want to work. Choosing a Business School is the most crucial decision a student will make in his or her life. You should not be swayed by sentiments or myths. A few days spent investigating the school is well spent. Visit the school and speak with the lecturers and graduates if feasible.

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