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Financial Technology might sound like a new terminology to many of you. Since you've chosen to read this, we are assuming you have a slight idea regarding what it is about. 

Financial Technology incorporates the delivery and use of financial services to facilitate financial operations and processes in companies and business entities in the financial sectors. It is said to be one of the most fast-growing sectors in recent times due to the advent of technology. 

Its applications are now not just limited to financial sectors alone, it is also of great significance in Education, Retail Banking, Fundraising and Nonprofit, and Investment Management sectors. 

Fintech courses pave the way for you to enter the sector at work at various job profiles. You can specialise in Fintech by pursuing financial technology courses at postgraduate levels. PGDM in Financial Technology is one of the best courses for anyone who aspires to establish a career in this field.


PGMD in FinTech

Companies in the FinTech sector are always in the search of professionals equipped with the correct knowledge and understanding of the various aspects and operations in fintech. A Post-graduation diploma in fintech is a two-year post-graduate diploma course that teaches students everything related to financial technology and its applications. 

PGDM courses are job-oriented courses, therefore, the curriculum of this fintech course is strictly a combination of hands-on training and theoretical learning. The curriculum is designed in a manner that helps students adapt to the changes in fintech sectors, not only in India but also globally. 


Subjects taught in PGDM in Fintech

In the course of 2 years, students learn a wide variety of subjects and topics such as:

  • Banking and Financial Services Industry 
  • Understanding the Startup Ecosystem
  • Law and Policy
  • Risk Management.
  • Foundations, Payments, and Regulations
  • Fintech Security and Regulation 
  • Fintech Startups in Emerging Markets

Further, an ideal finance technology course like PGDM in Fintech provides hands-on training in technologies like APIs, Blockchain, AI/ML, Big Data, IoT and AR/VR. Knowledge of such software and tools is essential for every professional working in the Fintech sector. 

PGDM in Fintech will help you grasp a better understanding and will also give you much-needed expertise. It also adds value to your educational qualifications. Companies always prefer hiring PGDM graduates as they are already well-versed with how things pan out in the fintech sector. 

Now that you have a clear idea of what Fintech and PGDM in Fintech are all about- let us walk you through the scope and job opportunities available to Fintech aspirants. 

Job opportunities in FinTech-

After completing FinTech courses, aspirants get to work at different job profiles. You always have the option to find a job in one of the departments and business models in Fintech that interest you the most. 


The Fintech sector comprises multiple different business models. Fintech courses give you exposure to every business model. Some are mentioned below:

  • Alternative credit scoring
  • Alternative insurance underwriting
  • Transaction delivery
  • Peer-to-peer lending
  • Small ticket loans
  • Payment gateways
  • Digital wallets
  • Asset Management

Now you know what makes your daily transaction easy and hassle-free - Fintech! If you have even the slightest interest in this field, you must consider converting it into a career. In the future, the fintech sector is expected to reach greater heights. We assure you that every job profile in this sector brings praiseworthy recognition. 


Here are the job profiles that come with a generous pay-scale and are also very reputed in the sector:

  • Product Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Cloud Management
  • Full-stack Developer
  • Sales
  • UI/UX and Graphic Designer
  • Product Engineer

Excited but don't know how to go about establishing a career in Fintech? You can consider undertaking a fintech course would be one of the first steps towards a successful career.


Admission criteria for PGDM in Fintech

If you are an undergraduate or a working professional, PGDM in Fintech is the right choice for you. Even the admission and selection process becomes a lot easier if you have prior experience working in the financial markets.  


Read on the admission criteria for PGDM in Fintech:

  • The candidate must be an undergraduate from a recognised university with an aggregate of more than 50%.
  • They must appear for the national/college level entrance exams. Some of the top entrance level exams for PGDM are CAT, CMAT, XAT, MAT, ATMA, GMAT
  • Qualified candidates are called for the second stage of the admission process. It comprises group discussion rounds and personal interviews. 
  • The last criteria that only a few of the PGDM colleges have is prior work experience. Therefore, PGDM courses are most advantageous for working professionals as they can sharpen their managerial skills alongside specialising in a department of their choice. 

This is the basic eligibility criteria that applies to almost every PGDM college. But we advise you to check the official website of your desired college to know exactly what admission procedure it follows. While searching for the admission criteria, scroll through the other aspects of the college as well. Check out their academic curriculum, accreditation, course fees, faculty and placement. A perfect blend of all these factors will make for the ideal fintech course you had been looking for. 


Why pursue PGDM in Fintech from ITM?

Since its establishment, ITM Business School has been one of the top choices for PGDM by management aspirants all over India. The PGDM in Fintech course offered at ITM Business School equips students with what the industry demands. It is an AICTE approved program that trains students in the prevailing trends in the fintech sector. In two years, you learn everything, starting right from scratch to gaining expertise in Fintech. All of this is via hands-on training programs in Business Simulation and FinTech Labs to assure 100% placement to all the students. Visit the page to know more!

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