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If you are a fresh management graduate, you are likely to get a job through campus placement. But what if the job offer is not to your liking? This is a possibility given the bleak industrial scenario due to the pandemic. Will you choose freelancing as a career? Will you, for example, bid for freelance jobs on Upwork, Freelancer.com or Fiverr and lead a professional life on your own terms?

There are many PGDM courses in Mumbai and the number of fresh management graduates can easily run into thousands. These postgraduates with professional degrees will enter job markets when the economy is in a tailspin due to Covid-19 all over the world. Remote and freelance jobs are the new trends. Many Fortune 500 companies get important assignments done by freelancers chosen from relevant sites.

Will some of the students from PGDM in Mumbai or PGDM in Chennai like to take a remote or freelance job? Most management graduates may not have an idea what it’s like working remotely or on assignment basis.

In this blog, we will give you a guided tour of the freelancing world and how it can shape your career.


Make Your Profile on Upwork, Freelancer.com, and Fiverr

These 3 are top freelancers marketplaces and you can start with creating your profile on these sites. Upwork seems to be leading the pack with about 17 million users, $7billion market capitalization, and $365 million in revenue. Freelancer.com has 31 million users, and Fiverr has about 7 million users. The world of freelancers is big and there is a space for more as it keeps growing.

By having your profiles at these sites and getting started early, you will have a better understanding of the kind of work that’s available there. Your ease of interface with these sites will also improve as you become used to them. With some youthful energy spent on these sites, you will develop how you can use them for freelance jobs and career growth.  


You can Find Good and Interesting Jobs

Freelance jobs are usually assignment-based and shorter duration but the payout could be international standard. There are many advantages of working as a freelance professional. One of these advantages is you have your own rules and timings for work. Then, you may have good and interesting assignments. You choose the assignments you want to work on. You also choose the remuneration that you want for a particular job.  

At a time when finding a good full time job is difficult, freelancing helps you to keep your spirits up. It introduces you to thousands of jobs you are qualified to bid for. A few hours of daily interaction on freelance marketplaces can get something to work on. Besides, it brings so many different types of jobs to your notice that your outlook to job markets is completely transformed.


Freelance Management Jobs on Upwork

Management graduates coming from PGDM courses in Mumbai may wonder if they will have respectful freelance jobs on Upwork, for example. Whether you have done PGDM in Marketing or PGDM in Finance, there are hundreds of jobs being posted in your niche every hour. Many of these jobs are posted by leading businesses and professionals. These posts also quote the budget that specific assignments carry.

Most of the time, the budget is competitive and respectful. You can find jobs matching your skillset and experience. It’s likely that after some experience, you earn much better as a freelance management professional than at a regular job. 

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