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PGDM in marketing is a conceptually designed course that helps students learn and apply modern yet traditional ways of marketing in the span of 2 years. Nothing in this world will sell without the power of marketing and if you want to be a part of this powerful sector then PGDM in marketing can be your only to get in and start off your career in the right way. 

PGDM in marketing helps students make managerial decisions in marketing with analytical abilities that are required for innovation and implementation. Any sector like finance or corporate needs a marketing team that ensures the growth of the company. Marketing will never go out of need and everyone in this world is a marketer of just different means. 

Marketing in 2023 is growing in every possible way so it is the best time to pursue a 

PGDM in marketing. 

What are the skills you will learn in PGDM in Marketing? 

  • You will learn to understand the company and the market to point out the pain points and give strategic solutions to all problems. 

The ability to think strategically with consideration of every consequence in the business spectrum is a skill each student in PGDM in marketing will develop and excel at. 

  • Empathetic toward consumers while maintaining the business goals is a great attribute of a marketer. The study and design of the PGDM in marketing are made to make every student think cognitively while making the right decisions. 
  • PGDM in marketing makes the leaders of tomorrow who can lead from the front for business managers who can solve business, management, and marketing roles with sensitivity. 
  • The understanding of business communication with the learning and application of decision science is a major part of marketing. Timeless lessons in communication and marketing will be taught to students. This ensures each student is aware of the history of marketing and is ready for innovation in the same field. 
  • Creativity is a part and parcel of marketing. Every marketer must be creative while keeping the market and company in check. So, all the students will be equipped to keep the balance between creativity with market rules. 
  • PGDM in marketing at ITM is primarily focused on building influential skillsets with negotiation power while leading a group of people. Students should be able to work under pressure when in the real world, hence you will be trained in the learning years. 
  • You can also be a part of emerging or offbeat sectors like event management or media that need graduates from marketing to make the right business decisions. 
  • World’s top recruiters look for candidates from PGDM in marketing making it one of the most crucial careers. 

Once you have a PGDM in marketing you will set out a carve a career that is the best in the world without any doubt. You will be unstoppable!

What are the beneficial factors of a PGDM in Marketing?

  • Specialized Skillset 

A person in marketing will not be as great in finance even if they have the knowledge. Hence, specialized diplomas can demand bigger paychecks. Every candidate will be completely specialized in the field of marketing in the modern world. 

  • Opportunities 

Marketing is a widespread sector so opportunities from every part of the world will be open for you. PGDM in marketing is accepted in Canada, the United States of America, and many other countries of the world. You can directly apply for work in other countries if you have the marks and performance required for that specific country. 

  • Industry experts 

Without a doubt, each one will be an industry expert as there are case studies, industry excursions, expert talks, and networking in the field in the 2 years of PGDM in marketing. Alumni of the college who work at senior levels will come for talks and help the students and bridge the gap between industry and learning. 

  • Industries 

You will be eligible to work in any industry of your choices like finance, FMCG, e-commerce, digital marketing, insurance, IT companies, and many more. 

  • Industry Internship 

Every candidate will be eligible for a 6-8 week internship at the end of the course. This internship can turn into your first job offer and make you ready to take on all the challenges in a full-time role. This will make you an eligible candidate with viable experience in relevant fields. 

Who can pursue a PGDM in marketing?

All the above descriptions make marketing a smart career choice for any student who has just graduated from an eligible school and field. If anyone who has been already working for a few years can also take this course. This can be a leap of faith that can transform your career and change the trajectory of your career. 

If you want to switch your fields to marketing after working in another industry, then PGDM in marketing will be the best choice. If you are looking forward to making a remarkable change in your career, you should choose marketing as the best career option for you. 

How to apply for PGDM in Marketing?

  • A graduation degree from any stream with at least 50% aggregate. 
  • You should have appeared in one of the MBS entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, or CMAT. 

These are a few requirements you need to fill. Also, you will need the desire to make a career in marketing and a will to work towards the goal of becoming the best in the market. 

You will have to give all your time as this is a full-time course. Once you step out of college with a PGDM in marketing you will be one of the 1% with the best communication, analytical, and severe decision-making skills. 

So gear up students, you are about to make the best decision of your career.

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