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Top 8 Skills That Recruiters Look For in PGDM Graduates Major Keywords


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A PGDM course is a professional postgraduate management course that assists you in making yourself industry-ready while developing skills that build you to stand differentiated from the crowd. This ensures you get picked from a huge bunch of students during the recruitment process.

There are certain skills that any recruiter would expect of a PGDM graduate. Hence, you better hone these important skills while pursuing your PGDM course.


Interpersonal skills

In the last few decades, soft skills have topped recruiters’ wish lists. Interpersonal skills are, of course, essential for anyone in a leadership role, and hence these are most concentrated on, in the curriculum of PGDM. You will be encouraged to participate in discussions, debates, presentations, etc. Interpersonal skills allow you to articulate your ideas efficiently to your clients or colleagues, thus enabling you to hold effective communication and come across as a confident person.

Apart from this, interpersonal skills are also instrumental in networking. Only when you know to network well can you widen the horizons of your business, and be aware of the opportunities present in the market.


Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is a cornerstone of the PGDM course- one of the main intended outcomes of the degree has always been to assist you in moving from a functional role to a ‘big picture’ one. The course trains you to think like a manager and not a functional-level employee. This ensures you look at everything that comes your way with a managerial perspective. Strategic thinking means you can build strategies for the future of the organization in the long run, proactively dealing with competitors, etc.

A PGDM course equips you with strategic thinking, as the curriculum involves maximum practical knowledge, and hence you are instilled with this skill through case study analysis and solutions.


Entrepreneurial skills

Entrepreneurial skill is the ability to analyze the market, spot a need gap and evaluate enough to know whether it’s worth filling and whether the creativity and resources needed to fill it are invaluable to an organization that focuses on being dynamic and growing with time?

A PGDM course helps you hone the entrepreneur in you with various business incubation competitions, best startup idea events, etc.


Communication skills

Everyone can communicate, but is it always effective? It should be because that is what matters the most. Communication in a workplace varies from person to person. You have one way of communicating with your boss, another with colleagues, and another with top management officials. Unfortunately, this skill has been found lacking a lot lately, according to recruiters. The way you communicate also says a lot about how confident you are. A skill that can help evaluate a candidate on two parameters at once is very invaluable.

And hence, communication is a skill that PGDM helps you foster through interactive learning, presentations, speeches, even written communication like email etiquettes, etc.


Leadership Skills

The main agenda of a PGDM course is to shape future managers and leaders. And hence, many students sign up for a PGDM course, even a lot of working professionals wanting to climb up the corporate ladder opt for a PGDM course.

A good manager should be able to manage his team, facilitate the undertaking of tasks, get the work done efficiently, and give everyone a sense of common direction. Only when he can bring the team together working towards a common goal, can he be called an efficient manager. The PGDM curriculum involves a lot of team projects to encourage students to be team players and learn how to lead, too.

The skills imbibed through a PGDM course sound promising to impress a recruiter during placements, don’t they?

Sign up for a PGDM course and hone on skills that are considered invaluable in the market, thereby establishing yourself as an indispensable asset to the prospective employer.

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