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Top 8 post-graduation courses you can choose from!


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Post-graduation courses are designed to attain expertise in a specific field of study. These courses nurture a student from being in generalist to a specialist in the chosen field.

A post-graduation degree is a pathway to breaking through for better paychecks and senior positions in the industry of choice. A post-graduate degree holder will always be the first preference for a job that requires a person with more detailed knowledge of the description. 

A post-graduation degree can be a diploma course of 1 year or an academic course of 2 years. This depends on the type of study you choose for your career. 

But you must be careful in choosing your field of study as it depends on your bachelor’s degree and your performance. 

Here we will go through the top 8 courses with skyrocketing demand for these degree holders – 

  • PGDM in Marketing 

Marketing as a post-graduation degree is a field of rewards and excellence. But why should you consider this?

  • Extremely well-paying with a few years of experience 
  • Opportunities to travel around the world once you build the skillset. 
  • Any company or brand is known by its marketers, and you will be an indispensable asset to the company. 
  • A dynamic career option to make your mark with creativity, structured thinking, and analytics. 

No company can survive without marketing hence, a post-graduation course in marketing will make you an indispensable asset!

  • PGDM in Business Analytics 

PGDM in business analytics is the skill of the data-driven world we are living in. Business analysts are needed by unicorns as well as start-ups to understand the projectile of the business future. 

This is a profit contribution skill that holds the responsibility of estimating growth, problems, hindrances, and trajectory of the company.

Why should you consider business analytics?

  • You will be a strategic partner in every decision. 
  • Your understanding and decoding of data make you a driving force of growth. 
  • The best-paying data job in 2023. 

With the rising adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning, a business analyst is a necessity for every company. 

  • PGDM in Fintech 

The amalgamation of finance and technology has built this career option for professionals who empower businesses by automating their financial front making this the best post-graduation course.

A fintech professional plays a pivotal role in every business. The right to analyze how every move will affect the finances makes this the most important job role even at the junior level. 

Why should you pick this?

  • You get dynamic options to choose your domain of industry.
  • An array of job profiles makes it the most demanding post-graduation course. 
  • The corporate industry offers the highest-paying packages for freshers as well. 
  • Fintech will you give the best industry exposure to grow. 
  • PGDM in Digital Marketing and Transformation 

The rising need for digital assistance to promote brands on various platforms has made digital marketing a smart and creative career to step in.

What can you become with this post-graduation course?

  • Search engine expert 
  • Brand Strategist 
  • SEO Executive 
  • Web analytics professional 
  • SEO and SEM analyst 

If you dream to work in a tech field without giving up your creative skills, this course after graduation will definitely be the best choice. 

  • PGDM in Human Resource Management 

Human resource professionals are the bridge between the need of the company and the market of professionals. The relationship between the company and employee well-being is set by the work of a human resource professional. 

What will you learn in this program?

  • You will be able to build the necessary manpower to achieve the goals of the company.
  • Effectively align the employee’s talents with each project. 
  • Work on the human interface of the company. 

If you have proficient communication skills with analytics of people’s strengths and company goals, you can be a human resource professional by pursuing a post-graduation course.

  • PGDM in Retail Management and Marketing 

Retail management curtails the needs of a customer to find the best-suited product in your store. The main goal of retail management and marketing is to make a store the best stop for every buyer of a specific product. 

The performance of a store in brick and mortar or in a digital store depends upon the skills of a retail manager. 

What roles can you opt for after this post-graduation course?

  • Sales Strategist 
  • Retail marketing analyst 
  • Display specialist
  • Stock Manager 

And many more. 

The strategies of a retail manager decide the success of every store and you will learn in this post-graduation course on retail management and marketing. 

  • PGDM in International Business

An international business professional is needed to expand business with exceptional leadership qualities to bring in new clients and strategically work towards giving the best results.

Business expansion remains the core role of international business to increase the numbers of revenue every quarter. 

You must excel in marketing, finance, and economics, with good leadership skills. 

This post-graduation course will make you ready for the most versatile job openings in the market. 

  • PGDM in Finance 

The opportunities in finance are undeniably the best in any industry. A finance professional will be necessary for any company to function properly on its financial front. 

What are the jobs you might be fit for?

  • Corporate finance manager 
  • Stock market manager
  • Financial planner 
  • Merchant banker
  • Commercial Banker
  • Investment banker
  • Accountant 

The reasons to pursue a post-graduation course in finance are many but the opportunity to step into the global market with dynamic profiles should excite you enough. 

Qualifications for all the above-mentioned post-graduation courses

What do you need to get in?

  • Minimum 50% in under graduation degree from a recognized institute 
  • Qualifying marks in an MBA entrance exam

If you have these two things ticked off and you are ready to take the leap of faith to change your career and jump to the best opportunities in the market, you must apply now. 

Why should you consider a post-graduation program at ITM?

  • Campus placements with the best companies 
  • Industry specialists for every subject 
  • Support from all professors to make sure you learn and grow every day. 
  • Exceptional campus to assist your learning path. 
  • Modern learning with all technologies to make you industry ready the day you pass out. 

All these post-graduation courses assure a well-paying job that will help you build a sustainable career. See you inside the institute. 

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