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Top 10 Test Hacks To Crack MAH CET 2021


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MAH CET is an entrance exam conducted by DTE-Maharashtra for MBA/MMS/PGDM admission into MBA colleges in Maharashtra. The exam is generally conducted in March, but this year due to the pandemic situation, it has been delayed to August.

As an entrance exam, it evaluates applicants on various important parameters like intelligence, time-management, luck, etc. The general pattern of the exam is 200 multiple choice questions, which are to be solved in 150 minutes.

So, in short, you have to develop the ability of reading, understanding, and solving each question in a space of 45 seconds. The prospect of it seems dreadful, doesn’t it?

But don’t they say where there’s a will, there’s a way! Well, there are a couple of tricks and hacks you can have up your sleeve that can help you crack the MAH CET exam.


1)     No scoring 200/200, just scoring better than others

In the history of MAH CET exams, no one has scored a whole of 200 marks. Applicants opt for MAH CET to secure admissions in prestigious state colleges like

  • Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS),
  • Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research, and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE),
  • Welingkar Institute,
  • Department of Management Sciences, Pune University (PUMBA),
  • South Indian Education Society’s College of Management Studies (SIESCOMS),
  • N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research,
  • Xavier's Institute of Management and Research (XIMR),
  • Chetana’s Institute of Management and Research (CIMR)

and others

These B-schools admit students for MBA/MMS courses through the Centralised Admission Process (CAP rounds). There are admission reservations available for candidates belonging to different universities and castes. Hence, the college admission cut-off for different types of candidates is different.


2)     Leverage The ‘No Negative Marking’ Rule

In a way, CET gives everyone a head start of 40 marks in the exam. As there are no negative marks, you can take risks in answering questions – especially the ones where you can eliminate a few options, thus increasing the probability of getting the answer right. Also, you can randomly mark an answer, if the question is time-consuming, thus investing more time in solving the easier ones.

Scoring 200 out of 200 may not be a must, but you all must attempt all the questions. Nevertheless, everyone has a different strategy for attempting the test. Some of you may reserve the last 10 minutes to solve the unattempted questions, while some of you may prefer attempting all questions on the go. Apart from this, there might be some of you who prefer marking random answers to all questions in the first 5-10 minutes. There is an advantage to this strategy, as you get the opportunity to scan all the questions at the beginning itself.


3)     Be Smart and Sincere, Not Just Intelligent

Most of the management entrance exams like CAT, XAT, and CMAT favor accuracy; however, MAH CET is more about speed. Entrance exams like CAT and XAT have difficult questions and the average time per question is relatively higher than the ones in MAH CET. In short, in CAT and XAT exams, the intelligent ones can solve the questions easily, and hence are rewarded with worthwhile scores. The test questions of the MAH CET exam are of a moderate level, allowing everyone to score. Hence, the major discriminator of the MAH CET examination is speed. And you can hone this skill of speed only through smart work and sincerity.

Smart work here means better time management and better order of attempting questions during the exam as discussed in the above trick of attempting questions in the actual MAH CET exam. Though, just smart work can never be enough to get you among the top MAH CET rankers. You also need to hone on good speed and accuracy to maximize your score. And, speed and accuracy can only be acquired through practice. When you practice a certain type of question regularly, you get the pattern and take less time to solve that category every next time, this ensures you save on time. Imagine all the time that you could save on the main MAH CET exam day, with all the practicing you can do.


The best way to practice is Mock-CETs. Consider Mock-CETs to be a learning tool instead of a testing tool. And never get depressed if you score low in a mock exam because, with mocks, you experiment and take chances. It is like a dry run before the actual event.

While solving Mock-CETs, try solving questions by eliminating options as much as possible. Elimination of options increases the chances of you getting the answer right. While getting all 200 answers right is not humanly possible, attempting all 200 questions is highly mandatory. Practice this during your mock tests.

During Mock-CETs, getting an answer right will boost confidence; and getting it wrong will increase learning. During analysis of your mock tests, jot down all the different types of errors you have made in the test and remember the lesson, to ensure not to repeat the same type of mistakes in the future. Also, percentile in Mock-CETs should not get your morale down, as they tell you where you stand with your preparation for the MAH CET exam. Once you know where you stand with detailed analysis, you can work on improvising and raising the bar high for yourself to score well in the main MAH CET exam.

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