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Tips on XAT 2023 Preparation in Last Month


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The XLRI Jamshedpur conducts a yearly exam to choose exceptional young brains who can enroll in various MBA programs. Foreign applicants with GMAT scores may also apply for admission to the XLRI. One of the most well-known competitive assessments is Xavier's Aptitude Test, which is accepted by several top elite institutions. The XAT exam has a high level of difficulty. When you have one month to prepare for this exam, start concentrating on closing the gaps. Aspirants finish the XAT 2022 preparation process in the last month with a thorough understanding of all topics related to decision-making, verbal and logical ability, quantitative ability, and data interpretation. Spend time preparing for practice exams, reviewing important material, and learning static GK throughout this final month. To learn how to prepare for the XAT 2022 in the last month, read this article.

A summary of xat 2022?

The institute is adept at setting up the exam and then identifying the candidates for management courses who are most qualified. Results from Xavier's Aptitude Test are also taken into account throughout the hiring process at a number of other schools. This three-hour test is a requirement for entrance to XLRI and XAT colleges. Applicants must submit their applications individually to XAT Associate Institutes other than XLRI. The removal of the essay writing part from Xavier's Aptitude Test in 2022 will be the biggest change.

Examine  the XAT 2022 Exam Pattern

Before the XAT exam date comes, students should start studying for the exam. This is primarily a test of decision-making, calculative, cognitive, language comprehension, and general knowledge. The Decision-Making component of this exam is distinctive. It is only possible to prepare for this portion using the question papers from previous years because there isn't much study material accessible for it.

There is a sectional time limit on the exam. Candidates have 165 minutes to finish Part 1, which includes the decision-making, verbal and logical ability, and quantitative ability & data interpretation sections of the exam, and 15 minutes to finish Part 2, which is the general knowledge component. Essay writing was reinstated in the XAT of 2022, and part 2's time limit was extended by ten minutes. It is challenging to score the exam due to its rather atypical marking system. View the XAT 2022 exam schedule below.

In contrast to past years, the XAT 2022 exam is more difficult. There are 26 questions in each of the verbal and logical ability areas. There are 21 and 27 questions, respectively, in the decision-making and quantitative ability & data interpretation portions.

Exam Pattern of  XAT 2022

The XAT 2022 question paper is broken down and analyzed in each part below, along with the difficulty of each question type. Exam paper assessments from the preceding six years are listed below.

Verbal and Logical Ability:

  • The Reading Comprehension section of the Verbal and Logical Ability test had 15 questions and 6 passages.
  • The remaining three passages each included two questions, while three of the passages each had three questions. Two questions and traditional poems were also provided.
  • Grammar difficulties were simple, but problems with poetry and paraphrasing were more challenging.

Decision Making and Analytical Reasoning:

  • The XAT 2022's Decision-Making part proved a tad challenging.
  • In this exam section, singlets were not allowed.
  • There were three questions for each of the seven scenarios. Four sections dealt with corporate decisions, while three dealt with ethical dilemmas.

Quantitative ability and data interpretation:

  • The Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation exam contained 12 DI items and 16 QA questions.
  • Geometry, algebra, and arithmetic predominated in the QA exercises.
  • This part of the XAT 2022 had four DI sets.
  • The segment was generally of moderate difficulty.

General Knowledge

  • The General Knowledge part was generally of moderate difficulty.
  • There were 25 questions in this area from current and static GK (business, people, and honors) (Economy, Geography, Science, and Technology)

Preparation for GK and Decision Making for the XAT 2022

Only the XAT 2022 will have the Decision Making and General Knowledge sections. Read on for some essential preparation advice for decision-making and general knowledge:

  • General Knowledge: Keep up with current events to prepare for the GK part. Read the news every day about world affairs, politics, the economy, sports, trade, and other topics. It is preferable to catch up on significant occurrences and accomplishments in the final month prior to XAT 2022 if you did not adequately prepare for this section or on a monthly basis. Give yearly or biannual business journals or GK yearbooks preference. The GK component of this test is the simplest and takes the least amount of time. It has 25 questions, and you should give yourself no more than 15 minutes to complete it. To save the most time, try to answer three questions or more in a minute.
  • Making Decisions: This section is built on many scenarios and logical reasoning. It is advised to provide all data in the most logical and moral way possible, including CSR, transparency, legal, and other corporate principles-related topics, in order to earn the highest possible score in this part without wasting much time. It is suggested that you study business case studies and past years' test questions for this area if you want to do well on it. The Decision-Making component of the exam consists of 22 questions based on sections and paragraphs with multiple choice answers. 

Review and practice exams

The final month of XAT 2022 preparation should be used to its fullest potential by concentrating on revisions, practicing exams, and improving on weak points. You have a greater possibility of improving your speed and accuracy the more sample questions and mock examinations you take. To get a good exam percentile overall, try to score as high as possible in each of the four portions. Regularly taking practice exams can assist in easily comprehending and interpreting difficult questions of Decision Making, Data Interpretation, and Logical Ability. Candidates will pick up tips on how to answer questions and gauge how much time they spent on each subject by taking mock exams. When their mock test results improve, they will feel more confident. It allows you to simulate a genuine exam.

Practical Advice for the XAT 2022 Exam

  • Maintain your composure and avoid tension because it will affect your self-esteem and test-taking abilities if you put yourself under pressure due to a lack of preparation or competitiveness.
  • To hone your skills for each section, it is preferable if you practice all of the previous year's test questions.
  • Time management is essential, so concentrate on allocating enough time for each segment while also thinking about avoiding traps like tough questions that lead to time waste. Even throughout the sample test, skip any questions that take longer than necessary because only then will you be effectively studying for the XAT 2022. Avoid wasting your valuable time on difficult questions because there will be a 0.05 mark deduction for eight consecutive unanswered questions.

The CAT, SNAP, IIFT exam and other MBA entrance examinations scheduled around XAT 2022 must also be taken by hopefuls. If so, all they need to do is create an exam-specific study plan; but, if they are just taking the XAT 2022 exam and have not yet begun studying, they must do so immediately.

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