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The various benefits of taking up a FinTech course


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FinTech, the short form for Financial Technology, collects and processes data in real-time and is being seen as an economic revolution. It has transformed the way businesses are functioning and has changed the way banks and financial institutions handle their economic services. FinTech provides solutions with great benefits to businesses especially those which are new and small. 

A fintech course combines the use of technology with financial trends in order to develop innovative ways to disrupt and augment the world of finance. The topics included in postgraduate courses of FinTech are thematic investing, digital currency, financial markets, cybersecurity, education lending and credit scoring.

Candidates who have completed a fintech course are usually equipped to solve problems using a creative approach. According to employers, candidates with a fintech diploma are organized and pay close attention to detail. These traits are also valuable for personal as well as professional relationships. 

The Fintech industry is broad and lucrative, offering potential career opportunities for candidates to consider. A candidate with an advanced Fintech degree may be offered job positions in the private as well as public sectors. The most common jobs are that of cybersecurity specialist, financial risk manager, and data specialist, but it doesn’t end there.

With advancement in technology, the demand for Fintech professionals has seen an increase in the last few years. In an attempt to meet this demand, many business schools around the world have developed degree and diploma programs for students to upgrade their knowledge and skills. 


Courses related to FinTech -

Here are a few courses to opt for if you are looking to enter the industry of financial technology-

  • Diploma in Innovations in FinTech 

This course gives you an overview of the future of FinTech- from cryptocurrency to payment technology. This program allows a candidate to explore the different financial technologies and learn how to adapt to them and use them in one’s career.

It also exposes students to back-end innovations such as mobile money, tokenization and mobile wallets. It also teaches students how new payment technologies are changing B2B, C2C and C2B payments. Learn about the evolution of crowdfunding, raising capital through tokenization and disruptive technology in credit-scoring. 

Learn how AI is transforming online wealth management and investment technology. Through this PG course you will see how robo-advisors and machine learning work in sync, making AI in finance successful.


  • PGDM in FinTech

The financial market is projected to grow at 22.7% CAGR until 2025. With this 2-year full-time program, you will learn the latest technologies in payments, along with innovations like block-chain, AI, cryptocurrency, Big Data, Internet of Things and Machine Learning.

The industry-specific curriculum is designed to offer you the most lucrative job opportunities in the sector of FinTech. Students can choose their specializations according to their areas of interest. Colleges also offer internships that are targeted at FinTech startups and firms.

A PG in finance aimed at FinTech would give your career the boost that it needs in order to enter the competitive world of Financial Technology. With virtual classroom training, it is easy to organize webinars with industry leaders who can provide helpful insights.


  • Leveraging FinTech Innovation certificate 

Digital innovation is revolutionizing the finance industry, thereby creating new challenges for incumbent firms as well as startups that are competing for market share. Hence to succeed in this environment, startups need to build, fund and grow innovative operations to outperform larger companies. On the other hand, incumbent firms too have to rethink their digital capabilities to avoid disruption.

In this FinTech course, a candidate will learn the best practice for dealing with such issues while gaining competitive advantage. Get exposed to the latest breakthroughs in FinTech and establish a winning game plan for your business, whether you want to drive disruption or defend yourself against it.

This course incorporates multiple learning methodologies including interactive live sessions, case studies, anf group discussions. Various FinTech leaders would present a series of real-world cases that focus on issues of financial services and technology.


How FinTech is revolutionizing business

FinTech is the emerging financial-service sector of the 21st century. Finance has been at the forefront of technological innovation for a long time but today information technology firms and finance professionals are leading the way for financial technology innovation. 

It is fair to say that Fintech is disrupting the world of banking by presenting easier and more popular payment options. This has made customers more inclined towards using their mobile devices to make purchases, thereby creating an opportunity for firms to optimize their sales with the use of the right technology. The emergence of Blockchain has made the biggest impact on the banking sector by creating the potential for money to be transacted in real-time ‘smart contracts’.

Fintech is also revolutionizing the way businesses tackle the issue of cybersecurity while increasing their online presence and seamlessly moving into the world of online apps.

Keeping in mind that businesses will continue using online apps and completely into the mobile realm over the next couple of years, it is clear that Fintech is playing a crucial role in creating more secure and viable business ventures.


Benefits of pursuing a Fintech course-

Let us take a look at some of the many benefits of pursuing a FinTech course-

  • Being up to date with technology

We live in a world where technology keeps improving every day. Hence there is a vital need for us to be up to date with these advancements.. FinTech certifications can be pursued by freshers who possess no previous knowledge in this field along with those who wish to upgrade their existing knowledge and skills. Whether you are a finance professional or working in a different department of a financial firm, being updated about the latest trends in Fintech is a must in order to make better decisions.


  • No middlemen

Technology is automating almost every business process and eliminating the need for human intervention for basic tasks. With everything becoming computer-based in the financial sector, a FinTech course is essential to take full advantage of technology. With businesses becoming more dependent on technology and online apps, FinTech and its innovations are surely the future business operations. The emergence of Fintech has reduced the role of the banking sector and is on its way to replace it completely.


  • Competitive advantage

Learning FinTech will make you stand out in a crowd especially in a highly competitive market. Being able to understand the business processes of the company you are working for is surely rewarding. Understanding financial technology and using proper jargon will also be helpful to answer questions like 'why FinTech?' 

In these fast-paced technological times, it is crucial to keep upgrading your skills to be more productive.


  • Career transformation

Step up your career by learning a valuable skill that most employers look for in potential candidates. Since the concept of FinTech is fairly new, there are not many people in the market who possess this certification. Knowledge of FinTech can help you make better-informed decisions and contribute to the success of the organization. A PG in finance- FinTech is considered as a valuable asset by employers and can give you a competitive edge over other candidates applying for the same job position.


  • Practice makes perfect

Just like every other discipline in Finance, mastering FinTech also takes time and effort. While a course will introduce you to the concept of FinTech, it is your job to practice and work your way up to master this skill. A good certification course will give you insights into the finance industry and take you a step closer to your goal. However with advancement in technology, you will be presented to new concepts and innovations quite often and the only way to master them would be through continuous practice.


Summing up

Deciding to learn a FinTech course will boost your career by keeping you in line with the latest developments in the field of financial technology. Embark on this journey of learning FinTech and take your career to the next level.

Universities and colleges are now offering fintech courses through online learning modules, making it easier for students to pursue this program alongside work or other full-time courses. Simply select your preferred course and contact the respective college for online admission by filling out a form.

We live in an age when there is no shortage of resources. A click of a button can lead us to a plethora of choices related to FinTech postgraduate courses. With the emergence of virtual training, students from different geographical locations can also enjoy the benefits of studying at a reputed university.

So whether you are a traditional financier, a beginner or have your own startup, being updated about FinTech is a must. With a PGDM in Fintech, you will be exposed to numerous career opportunities!

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