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The Role of Networking in ITM Navi Mumbai's PGDM Placements: A Guide for Students


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Networking plays a crucial role in today's job market, and it is especially important for students pursuing a PGDM degree at ITM Navi Mumbai. ITM Navi Mumbai is a leading business school that provides a high-quality PGDM program to its students. The institution has an outstanding placement record, with top companies regularly visiting the campus for recruitment. In this article, we will discuss the role of networking in ITM Navi Mumbai's PGDM placements and provide some practical tips for students to build their networks effectively.

Importance of Networking in ITM Navi Mumbai's PGDM Placements

Networking is essential for students pursuing a PGDM degree at ITM Navi Mumbai because it helps them connect with potential employers and build relationships that can lead to future job opportunities. The business world is highly competitive, and employers are always looking for candidates who can add value to their organizations. Building a network of contacts is an effective way for students to showcase their skills and stand out from other candidates during the recruitment process.

In addition to improving job prospects, networking can also help students gain a better understanding of the industry and the latest trends. By interacting with professionals in their field of interest, students can learn about the skills and qualities that are in demand and tailor their education and career goals accordingly. Networking can also provide students with access to valuable resources and information, including job leads, mentorship opportunities, and industry events.

Practical Tips for Building a Network in ITM Navi Mumbai's PGDM Program

Networking can seem overwhelming, especially for students who are just starting their PGDM program. However, there are several practical steps that students can take to build their network effectively. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Attend Networking Events: ITM Navi Mumbai regularly organizes networking events for its students, including job fairs, industry conferences, and guest lectures. These events provide an excellent opportunity for students to meet professionals from various industries and build their network. Students should make an effort to attend as many events as possible and engage in conversations with industry experts.
  • Leverage Social Media: Social media is a powerful tool for networking, and students should take advantage of it. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for professionals to connect and exchange ideas. Students should create a professional LinkedIn profile and use it to connect with alumni, professors, and professionals in their fields of interest. Twitter is another platform that students can use to stay updated on industry trends and connect with professionals.
  • Join Student Clubs: ITM Navi Mumbai has several student clubs that cater to various interests and industries. Students should join clubs that align with their career goals and interests. These clubs provide an excellent opportunity for students to interact with like-minded individuals and build their network.
  • Seek Mentorship: Mentorship is a valuable tool for professional development, and students should seek mentorship opportunities during their PGDM program. Mentors can provide guidance, feedback, and support, which can help students navigate the job market more effectively. Students should identify professionals in their field of interest and reach out to them for mentorship.
  • Engage with Professors: ITM Navi Mumbai has a team of experienced faculty members who are experts in various fields. Students should engage with their professors and seek their guidance and advice. Professors can provide valuable insights into the industry and help students build their network by introducing them to professionals in their fields of interest.

How Can Networking Help in Building a Successful Career?

Networking plays a vital role in building a successful career, whether you are just starting out or looking to advance your current career. Here are some ways that networking can help you achieve your career goals.

  • Building Relationships: Networking helps you build relationships with people in your industry, including colleagues, mentors, and potential employers. Building strong relationships can lead to opportunities, including job offers, promotions, and partnerships.
  • Gaining Insight and Information: Networking can provide you with valuable information about your industry, including industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies. This information can help you stay up-to-date and make informed decisions that can benefit your career.
  • Enhancing Your Visibility: Networking can help you become more visible in your industry by providing opportunities to showcase your skills and expertise. Attending events, speaking at conferences, and publishing articles can help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Accessing Hidden Job Market: Networking can help you access the hidden job market, which is made up of unadvertised job openings that are not posted on job boards or advertised in traditional ways. Networking provides access to people who are in a position to hire, and it increases the likelihood that you will hear about job openings before they are posted.
  • Finding Mentorship and Support: Networking can help you find mentors and support systems that can guide you through your career. Having a mentor can provide you with valuable advice and feedback, and having a support system can help you navigate the challenges and setbacks that come with building a career.
  • Collaborating with Peers: Networking can help you find collaborators and partners that can help you achieve your career goals. Collaborating with peers can lead to joint projects, partnerships, and new opportunities that can help you grow your career.


Networking is a crucial aspect of the job search process, and students pursuing a PGDM degree at ITM Navi Mumbai should make it a priority. Networking is an essential aspect of building a successful career, and it can provide you with numerous benefits, including building relationships, gaining insight and information, enhancing your visibility, accessing the hidden job market, finding mentorship and support, and collaborating with peers. By making networking a priority, you can improve your chances of achieving your career goals and building a successful and fulfilling career.

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