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Human resources and management are the core of any company for growth and sustainability in this competitive era. The compilation of human management that includes new hiring, hr activities, training, staffing, documenting for changes, and a lot more go under the umbrella of human resources.

Every HR professional plays a lot of roles and wears hats with responsibilities to maintain the smart working of the company. 

Without a doubt, the HR vertical is stormed with technological inventions in the past few years. The analytical vision of HR professionals is currently under the lens because of the rising adaption of artificial intelligence across every sector. 

In this growing phase of human resources, it is the best time to get in this field as you will a pragmatic growth in the coming few years. Investing your prime years with PGDM in HR management. 

What does the workflow of a human resource professional after PGDM in HR look like?

The human resource field professionals are known for their instinct to spot talent! The mapping of the need of the company to finding the right resource from the market these talent agents build the biggest gap in the running of any company. 

For example, if the software development team needs a candidate with about 3-4 years of experience to join their visualization team, the talent agent is put to work. 

What points will the talent agent with a PGDM in HR have to do?

  • Understand the need of the software team.
  • What does the visualization team exactly need?
  • Which software are they expecting the candidate to be well-versed with?
  • How many years of experience are they expecting?
  • What is the current salary scale of this position in the market?
  • How much is the company able to spend for this position?
  • Will there be space for training or the person will have to jump directly on the project?
  • Which platforms will the candidates be active on?
  • How to reach out to them?
  • What will the interview schedule look like? The talent manager will have to make the entire interview process for the new position and get it approved by the team as well as the company. 
  • Maintain the entire data for this position.
  • Look for candidates that will be perfect for this position. 
  • Interview them.
  • Release offer letters for them and make it to one person who makes the clear cut for this position. 

This is the basic workflow of people who work in the human resource department. 

Many across the world feel or judge that HR is an easy profession, if you look at it like this, it is not the easiest job profile. 

What skills will you learn in the PGDM in HR?

Any human resource profile needs a specific skill set that must be developed in 

college while learning and implementing the skills. 

  • Exceptional verbal communication skills 

When you to an HR professional, they become the face of the company they are representing. They are the first person in contact with the specific company making it a very reliable job to present the company. 

Hence, in PGDM in HR, the skill of verbal communication is taught to make the candidates ready for the industry. The industry demands smart communication from the HR people. 

  • Problem-solving skills. 

Human resource professionals build the bridge between the needs of the market and the talent in the industry. The ability to think and solve the analytics of hiring is the core skill set of any candidate in PGDM in HR. Without a doubt, analytical skills backed with industry case studies will help students learn and adapt to this skill while in college. 

  • Knowledge of employment laws and regulations 

There are laws of employment with taxes and how the whole payment process is done in any company. The knowledge of the systems of the company and the law of the country is very important to make reliable hiring. Legal understanding is built with training and industry expert speaks at PGDM in the HR course. 

  • Talent management systems 

With the increasing AI assistance in every domain, there is visible adoption of AI tools to make human management roles easier. The knowledge of these tools will help each one performs better in the industry. All the leading tools will be taught during PGDM in HR. 

These are some skills that every HR person will have to build while many others. Every candidate steps out as a skilled professional after the course in PGDM in HR with amazing teachings, training, and industry expert talks at ITM. 

What are the career opportunities after PGDM in HR in 2023?

  • Training and development

During PGDM in HR, you will learn how to set up and execute educational activities in the company for the betterment of employees. 

Understanding the need of every team and trying to add value to them with activities, training, or expert talks is maintained by the HR department. 

  • Compensation manager 

When any company employs a certain set of people, they decide the amount that can be used for a certain vertical to grow. The management of the compensation is done by the compensation manager or the team. The attributes of how certain compensation will be used to enhance company productivity lie with HR people. 

  • Technical Recruiter 

Even though PGDM in HR does not train you in any technical software but with the increase in Saas and AI around the world. The need for human resource professionals that understand software is in demand. So PGDM in HR at ITM will train you to become an expert in technical recruitment because it is a high-paying job in today’s market. 

How to apply?

You can check out the website of itm.edu and search through PGDM in HR and follow the application process. 

Please check if you pass the eligibility criteria. If you do, you will surely make an amazing career in PGDM in HR.

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