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Business Analytics and Data Science are intertwined subjects and have similarities in many aspects. But the fact of the matter is, both sectors have skyrocketed in recent years, due to improved technology and awareness.


But before diving into these courses individually, you should know the difference between Business Analytics and Data Science. 


Business Analytics is the statistical study of business data which can be used by companies to observe their statistical growth. The data is structured and organized. 


Industries where Business Analytics is mainly used are Finance, Technology, Marketing, and Retail.  


Post graduate diploma business analytics is more used in cognitive analytics and tax analytics. A PG in Business analytics works on specific business problems and challenges. 


Data Science is a combined study of Statistics, Algorithms and Technology. It uses both structural and nonstructural data to give the end result. It combines both traditional data collecting techniques and Computer Science coding. 


Industries where Data Science is mainly used are Technology, Finance, E-commerce and Academics.


It will be more used in AI and Machine Learning which is a part of emerging technologies and advanced company management. 


It usually gives data insights to companies but it is not used in decision making. It studies trends and patterns of the company's performance and forecasts it. 


Business Analytics Syllabus aims to offer knowledge about all the important specializations required to meet different managerial and statistic tasks and functions which include Management concepts and Organizational Behaviour, Managerial Economics, Financial Accounting for managers, Business Statistics and Analytics, Marketing Management, Design Thinking, Business Environment and legal aspect of business, Data Mining techniques - predictive modeling and pattern discovery, Business research methods, Quantitative management and many more. 


Data science syllabus aims to give all the technical and traditional skills and techniques for different post and tasks of the business, including Statistics, Coding, Business intelligence, Data structures, Mathematics, Machine learning, Algorithms and more. 


Summon up, both PG in Business Analytics and PG in Data Science have the same base but their study and course material are different and specific. Both are highly qualified and respected courses with a lot of potential and growth in today’s times. It is safe to say, these courses are the future of modern businesses.

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