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Should I pursue PGDM after graduation or after 2 years of work experience?


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A PGDM adds a lot of value to your CV and thus to your career, too. You can do it after graduation or after working for a couple of years. Both choices have their own pros. Also, there is an Executive PGDM that you can choose, given you meet the stipulated years of work experience for eligibility.


Let us first look at the pros and cons of pursuing PGDM right after your graduation Pros:

  • Leverage The Learning Mode You will have just finished your graduation, and hence the basic concepts you mastered will be fresh in your mind. This understanding can help you a great deal in your PGDM, as you will already have the concepts clear in your head.
  • Good Career Start With Worthwhile Opportunities A PGDM graduate gets a quick start with his degree and earns really well. Since you will be trained during your PGDM course tenure, employers are ready to hire you immediately, as they need not train you from the scratch separately.
  • Industry Networking Opportunities As a PGDM student, you get an immense amount of opportunities for industry interaction and industry exposure. This is ensured by PGDM colleges through industry internship programs, live projects, and expert talk sessions. The socializing and networking done during these go a long way in boosting their corporate career.
  • Develop Both Personal And Professional Skills Doing a PGDM not only provides you with industry knowledge and practical experience but also helps you hone your personal skills. Hence, pursuing this PGDM course right after graduation allows you to hone both sets of skills before you finally set foot into the corporate world.



  • Acceptance To B-Schools Reduced One evaluation parameter for PGDM admission selection in b-schools is work experience. Having some work experience before applying for a PGDM may not be a necessity, but it definitely gives you an edge over other applicants during selections.
  • Deciding On A Specialization Becomes Tough When you apply for a PGDM right after graduation, you do not get the chance to explore the industry and evaluate your options to see what suits you best. In such a scenario, all you can do is rely on other people and their reviews of these PGDM specializations. Let us now look at the pros and cons of pursuing PGDM after gaining some years of work experience



  • Large Practical Exposure And Experience If you opt for a PGDM after gaining some experience in the industry, you will have the ability to grasp management concepts quickly, with the kind of real-time experience you have with you.
  • Goal Clarity You will have a clear idea about what you want or which specialization is your calling if you choose to work for a few years before pursuing your PGDM. With the experience in the industry, you get some idea of what is your calling and what works best for you.



Apart from some minor concerns, there are no particular drastic cons to pursuing a PGDM after gaining some work experience. Because work experience is an evaluation criterion in the admission process in most of the B-schools, there are no major drawbacks in pursuing a PGDM after working for some years in the industry. So, whether you decide to pursue your PGDM right after your graduation or after gaining some work experience, one thing that is of utmost importance is choosing the right PGDM business school to attain the degree from.  

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