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Shift in Career Path After Pursuing Management as a BTech Graduate


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As a BTech graduate, you gain the required knowledge and expertise in your engineering domain. But the fear of not finding a job that aligns with your area of interest might make you feel unsure of pursuing an engineering degree. 

Though engineering is considered to be one the most sought-after career lines in India. Still, it is difficult for engineers to find their desired job profiles because of the competition and the restricted number of job vacancies. Here is when post-graduate diploma courses come to the rescue!

For those who want to continue working in the engineering field but in the management department, a PGDM degree is the best option! Read on to know how undertaking a PGDM program after BTech elevates your career and makes you reach greater heights in the future. 

Why PGDM after BTech

Pursuing Management after engineering is the perfect combination for anyone who enjoys the art of management while understanding how the engineering field works in reality. It places you a rung above other managers in the engineering sectors and also provides you with the much-needed platform to showcase your leadership and manager skills. 

PGDM courses help students develop a better understanding of the corporate world as a manager. Hence, it is always a good option to pursue a PGDM course after gaining work experience as an engineer. 


After understanding how a PG course adds more value to your educational qualification, you must also pay close attention to the career prospects that await PGDM courses on the professional front. 

After completing your PGDM from a renowned business school, you can apply for job profiles in various management departments that align with your specialisation as a PGDM student. Students get to select which department they would like to specialise in while pursuing a PGDM program. Here is a list of just a few of the many specialisation courses offered in PGDM programs:

  • Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Markets

Only if you did not know, engineers also need to have certain managerial skills such as exceptional communication skills, team management, resource management and other similar skills to be able to work both individually and in a team. After mastering all the managerial skills and leadership qualities, you can become a top-level professional in any of these management departments in the engineering sector. Your starting salary will also be more than the average salary of any other engineer or manager because now you excel in both fields. 

You can find jobs in private as well as the public sector of financial analyst or the other departments of management in accounting, financial planning, HR, Sales and Marketing. Well, being your own boss and establishing a new business entity or startup of your own is always an option. Good luck!

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