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Scope of P.G in Operations and Supply Chain Management


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A Post Graduate Diploma is a degree that is pursued after an undergraduate degree or a standard diploma is completed. A Post Graduate Diploma in Operations and Supply Chain Management is a degree that covers numerous practical facets of the sector and prepares students for careers in the field. PGDM in operations is open to students from a variety of backgrounds. It is a generally recognised degree of education in Operations and supply chain.


Is Post Graduate Diploma in Operations and Supply Chain Management a Suitably Lucrative Career Path?

There are numerous reasons why a Post Graduate Diploma in Operations and Supply Chain Management is an excellent career choice. Between 2008 and 2022, an extraordinary potential development in the Global Skill Gap in the Operations Industry is projected. Historically, the convenience provided by Operations companies has resolved several day-to-day dilemmas. Job opportunities at various levels continue to come up in the business as it expands.


Operations and Supply Chain Management: Their Scope

It applies to both those involved in providing the service and those who receive it. Numerous businesses are utilising doorstep service, which increases the demand for Operations and supply chain services. As a result, additional employment are created. On the other hand, having your requirements delivered directly to your door is something we can all appreciate.

The following are some indicators of the extent of Operations and supply chain management.


Scope of PGDM in operations in India

It may result in you being hired as an industry analyst, project manager, Operations coordinator, or supply chain manager, among other positions. There are options to work independently as a contractor. Unemployed and illiterate kids in the country now have an opportunity to work in the sector. International trade is also possible. Online shopping is not a trend but a revolution in India, thanks to the country's increasing digitisation. As a result, Operations and supply chain are given breadth.

International import-export business opportunities exist. Certain countries, especially those with a larger dollar worth, welcome international businessmen. Numerous wealthy countries already have a sizable online shopping market, providing ample opportunity for Operations and supply chain. 


What Career Options Are Available Following a PGDM in Operations and Supply Chain Management?

Diverse jobs necessitate distinct levels of competence. There are numerous opportunities available in the field after earning a PGDM in Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Several of the most significant career opportunities following a PGDM in Operations & Supply Chain Management include the following:


Coordinator of the Supply Chain

A Supply Chain Coordinator's primary tasks include the supervision of inbound and outgoing traffic, as well as the administration of purchasing and delivery Operations. Additionally, they are responsible for supervising the processes associated with order placement and purchasing for consumers.


Assistant Manager, Supply Chain

An Assistant Supply Chain Manager is accountable for the management of end-to-end supply chain plans, which include vendor management, order procurement, and product planning, warehousing, Operations, and distribution. Additionally, they are expected to assess and eliminate risks and impediments to supply chain management.


Coordinator of Operations

Operations coordinators are in charge of many aspects of shipping routes and product delivery. Customer happiness is a top goal for these individuals, as it contributes to their business's success. Additionally, coordinators must be familiar with supply chain management methods and principles.


Manager of Distribution

A Distribution Manager's primary responsibilities include supervising transportation, stock control, warehousing, and monitoring of products leaving the warehouse. When computer systems are used to oversee warehousing, the Distribution Manager is responsible for managing these software applications and training new hires on them as well.


Analyst of the Industry

Industry analysts are responsible for conducting primary and secondary market research within a certain industry and documenting how Operations and supply chain can be integrated. Additionally, they are responsible for examining sector trends, sizing markets and the breadth of a product or service, and developing industry models. The job is primarily research-based and focuses on advising services.


Assistant Project Manager

A project manager is in charge of developing critical projects for the company's success. Meanwhile, a Junior Project Manager is primarily responsible for managing and coordinating the completion of a project.


Analyst, Procurement

The practise of developing relationships with external vendors is critical in Operations and supply chain management. Procurement analysts assume this responsibility. They are responsible for negotiating with vendors and purchasing their products or services at a reasonable price in order to benefit the firm while also being fair to the customer.



A Post Graduate Diploma in Operations and Supply Chain Management is a popular study that focuses on a booming worldwide business. This is an intriguing course that encompasses a great deal more than academic education. A PGDM in Operations & Supply Chain Management is about anticipating and exceeding the industry's unique requirements.

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