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PGDM in Finance and MBA in Finance - The need to be better


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Hello everyone! It's been a tough year with the ongoing pandemic, unemployment, hiked prices and unending financial crises in many households.

Why is that we never think the need to understand the root cause of such important issues? Let me take a second to explain it to you.

Education - that's it! Good quality education is the answer and solution to all our problems. We work towards monetary values in the very beginning of our career, while we should be focusing our education. 

Getting a graduate degree is not enough these days. It becomes a vicious cycle - study - graduate - find a job - start earning. But why don't we aim higher and start demanding the earning!

Here comes the PGDM courses that decide your career path. It's crucial to choose a PGDM course and benefit from it in the latter stages of life.

Among the various PGDM courses, PGDM in Finance is considered to have a superior place in MNCs. 

Finance is considered as one of the most important industries in the world. India is a developing country and has a growing economy, all the more reason to state the importance of finance. The  PGDM in Finance course will take you through topics like investment, accounting, taxation and various other money related matters. 

Here are some compelling reasons to opt for PGDM courses in finance

1. Specialization to meet industry standards

The world is full of competitors and we face a cut throat competition in day to day lives. Getting a PGDM degree will give you an upper hand over your fellow colleagues. You will get to learn and experience various aspects which will help you visualizeyour goal much better.

2. New Curriculum as per industry standards.

When you look at MBA courses, in finance or management, you will find the curriculum according to universities. 

But the Pgdm courses update their curriculum every year as per the industry standard for better knowledge and vision. This forward and quick action much appreciated in the past years. 

Pgdm courses also collaborate with organizations to give us real time data and help us to have a more rational and practical approach.

3. Industry  ready students

With such industry-centric programs,  the students are better prepared for the corporate world. They get good internship opportunities as they are taught to  tackle real-life problems and deal with finance, during their course itself. Students get guaranteed internship in big organizations and later get posted in the same organization.

4. Better employment structure

Getting an ordinary post at a workplace is in the past. With pgdm courses you can get your desired post and achieve your goals in a short period of time.

With challenging roles in the market, the demand for a pgdm student is increased. They need a confident employee who can handle practical situations with ease.

5. Interpersonal Development

Pgdm courses not only introduces you to the complexities of management, but it also helps you improve your communication skills. Students improve their decision-making skills and analytical thinking through everyday lectures, role plays, guest lectures, industry visits, summer internships, and personality development programs. 

These aspects make you more stronger intellectually as well as mentally to face problems head - on!

6. Job opportunities 

There are several job opportunities from investment bankers to financial analysts, there are many careers to choose from in the finance industry. This is one of the main advantages of a PGDM in finance course. 

7. Financially Rewarding

A PGDM in finance course will get you a managerial position in the finance industry, and allow you to make an excellent living. People working in this industry are some of the highest-paid professionals in the country. Jobs in the finance industry also come with many benefits and financial perks. To add to it, the course you will teach you to be a good negotiator, so you can secure yourself a good salary.

8. Career Prospects after doing Pgdm in Finance

  • Bank Manager –

Though one might not immediately start as a bank manager, this is a position you can work up to. Your job would be to run a bank branch and manage the day-to-day workings in a smooth manner.

  • Investment Banker –

Most banks and financial institutions have now entered the investments and trading market. A variety of financial services are provided by investment bankers  on behalf of banks.

  • Financial Manager –

Financial managers are the professionals who are in charge of the financial health of an organisation. They are in charge of making reports, investments, and set and meet financial goals. They are highly important roles to look after.

  • Portfolio Manager –

A portfolio manager is someone who has to build and manage an investment portfolio of various financial instruments. They can work in a company and also provide their services to companies and individuals. Depends on their choice of work.

  • Financial Advisor –

A financial advisor provides their expert advice on investments and other finance-related matters. Financial advisors can work full-time in companies or provide advice to individual clients and companies, whichever suits them better.

The above reasons will surely want you to start preparing for a Pgdm course in finance as soon as possible.

Pgdm in finance or MBA in finance, the better option?

The gen z are open to many options, but the older generation had only few in hand. MBA was considered to be one of the best post graduation options, and rightly so. But with changing times, we need to cope up with new terms, technologies and of course new couses!

The competition to get the top B- schools for MBA keeps getting tough day by day and go through so much pressure. 

With constant competitive exams, we tend to let go off our daily routine and adjust to appear those exams.

Though MBA has it’s own perks, it comprises analytical and problem solving skills, communication skills, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, teamwork and initiatives, among others. MBA in Finance has an extensive reach internationally as there are several renowned institutions that provide international finance programs.

Career Prospects after doing MBA in Finance

  • Financial planning service providers
  • Investment service providers
  • International financial management companies
  • Corporate management companies
  • Brokerage firms
  • Credit unions and private banks
  • Commercial and investment banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Financial intermediary companies

What we can conclude from this is that be it pgdm in finance or MBA in fnance, it’s necessary to have a pgdm or MBA degree. 

The pandemic taught us that everything can be uncertain, but what remains certain and constant is our educational qualification. Our education takes us to great heights.  The tendency to get laid off from your company is highly unlikely, if you hold a great degree in hand.

When we present a good, confident resume with our degree, the recruiter will get a great impression and look forward to working with us. With the new growing India, job prospects will also get better day by day and give us our desired salaries.

Hope this will help you to choose better and work towards your dreams!

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