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Can a Master of Business Administration (MBA) find a career in the real estate sector? The short answer is yes. In this post, we discuss a scenario in which those with PGDM in marketing and PGDM courses in Mumbai are helping their clients with new home projects.


A new home is a matter of great excitement. However, it’s also a moment of some wise decisions. Your decisions that avoid common mistakes can mean a lot of savings on your client’s first home. You can use your knowledge from business management to help your client.


Your client’s first home is a serious investment where every penny comes from his hard-earned money. Naturally, you would like to take all care to ensure that your decisions are sound. If you have done PGDM in Finance, it can be a great asset in the real estate business.


A decision delayed can mean expensive alterations or even more expensive structural changes in the overall designing, floor planning, or furniture installations. So, help your client with decision making and better management. Your management degree in operations management can be another great asset in the real estate sector. PGDM courses in general can be a good academic background for real estate professionals.


What should you do to avoid mistakes in the planning stages of an interior design project?


The answer is consultations with all important members of the project at every stage. This helps you avoid any mistake that might creep in your project. Having key members of the team on the same page is a sure way to keep the project on the right track. If some of you have completed PGDM courses in Mumbai, you can form a good team. Someone with a PGDM in HR can be good anytime.


Here, we are going to provide you with a detailed view of how different players of the interior design team can help you stick to the right course:



1. Choosing the Team

An interior design project for a new home or commercial establishment can involve a number of people working together. These may include the architect, interior designers, and contractors. You can choose some key members for the project from those who have completed PGDM courses in Mumbai.

Some of these people may be assisted by other people such as furniture designers and specialist civil contractors.

It’s recommended that you begin the project with all these people giving their consent to a clear line of action as per a consolidated planning. 



2. Choosing a Floor Plan                                           

A floor plan is central to any new home project. Here, you visualize your future space from the perspectives of design, comfort, sensibility, functionality, and so on.

It’s important that you give voice to your choices and make the design team understand your likes and dislikes.

This leaves with little confusion and there is no chance of a misunderstanding finding its way into your first home project.  



3. Recheck

Well, a new house project is a continuous process of checking and rechecking, however, sometimes, more is less. So, you should not feel complacent and neglect important cross-checks. It’s an important drill that will ensure your project never becomes a victim of oversight. 


4. Pest control

Pet control is an important aspect of your home. You may have to implement many things about it while the home is still under the construction phase. There are some structural things to take into account. This ensures your new home is fully pest-proof, not just now but years after. Don’t skimp on time or money when it comes to pest control, get good work done.



5. Wall Punning

Wall punning enhances the aesthetics of the walls, corners, columns, and ceilings in your new home. It’s a thin coating of Plaster of Paris on the exterior and interior of the wall’s surfaces.

Since it brings so much of a difference to your otherwise ordinary-looking walls and surfaces that most opinions seem to go in its favor.

A new home and interior designing project can be a time consuming and taxing experience. However, every minute that you spend on the project makes it so much better. You get a house that looks beautiful long after its due. It’s also less expensive to maintain.

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