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Are you a management student who is taking online classes during the Covid-19 Pandemic? And, you are wondering when normal education activities will begin. In this blog, we will discuss when normal education will begin. But before that let’s have a few words about PGDM courses.


PGDM course in Chennai is supposed to open the gateway to careers in India’s Silicon Valley – Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. ITM Business School has a campus in Chennai and it offers PGDM courses in select specializations.


Similarly, a PGDM course in Mumbai can launch your career in India’s financial capital – Mumbai. While ITM Group has its management college in Mumbai, it has a spectacular campus in Navi Mumbai. It offers specialization in more than 10 management functions.


PGDM Courses: Online mode



There are some advantages of online classes, too. Online classes have some interesting ways to explain and teach the curriculum to the students such as video and audio tutorials. Through visual education, children can memorize the lessons more easily. However, adequate amounts of online education resources are not readily available in most schools.


Online classes have introduced many different ways by which education can be imparted including audio and visual study materials. As these are not available in most institutions, government and private schools should now try to put in place the infrastructure and resources necessary for online classes. If you are studying a PGDM course in Bangalore, you can benefit immensely from online classes.



According to some media reports, many students are not able to understand difficult concepts in online classes. For them, classroom education was more productive. In online education, students are not able to concentrate on their studies.


Generally, the environment of a home is totally different from that of a school. This is the reason why online education at home is not as productive as classroom education. As a result, online students show a lack of confidence when it comes to taking exams.


PGDM Courses: E-learning Software

As it is very popular, many people already know about audio-video education products. It is a type of information about a certain topic in the form of video, animation, and audio. Here, we can see the lessons as a movie. Students find this method of education very interesting and learn very fast without feeling bored. If you are studying a PGDM course in Mumbai, you can benefit a lot from e-learning software.


Audio Summary

Are your exams approaching and you have not enough time to read the chapters full? Then, you should read notes or summaries of the chapters. This will help you to cover the chapter in less time. But the fact is that you don’t like to read. If you don’t like to read but you have to cover your chapter, audio summary and notes will definitely help you to cover the syllabus.

These are just simple audio recordings you will find on the Internet. Many scientists and teachers have proved that listening to the audio, again and again, helps to memorize that thing faster. You can listen to your audio summary before sleeping or during your free time.  


Text and Video Blogs

No doubt that it is the most under-rated way of studying online. Written blogs are the oldest ways of online education. On the internet, you can find information about any topic, whether it is in your syllabus or not. Here, you are able to study a topic without spending money. This is why it is the most known way of learning anything. You can get written notes about a certain chapter. Also, you can get audio and visual summaries of any chapter on Youtube.


Concluding Thoughts

As normal education is impossible in view of Covid-19, it is a good idea to tap online and e-learning options. Whether you are doing your PGDM in Mumbai or Bangalore, these are the best option in the current scenario.

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