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New Frontiers in PGDM Courses – Salary Negotiation


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The world of business is constantly on the move. If you thought PGDM  in Marketing or PGDM in Finance is the best postgraduate course, think again. When you face an interview and land your dream job, you find someone with more aggressive negotiation skills got a better package than you while both of you have the same job profile, same department, and the same boss!


Does this blow your head off? Do you feel disheartened? How should you react to this? The corporate world is not fair. It’s driven by money and it’s profit-centric. It likes aggressive people with manipulative skills. But all this is set to CHANGE!


The new breed of technology and management professionals sees the mindless anomaly and is out to set it right. For example, remote working or working from home is not only a fact but one of the most dominant HR trends worldwide. After all, companies have come around to accepting that employees are working honestly even when they are working remotely.


PGDM  courses and Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs at leading colleges in Mumbai and elsewhere in the country may not be able to incorporate these new trends in the course. But soon the changes will reflect in many ways. Salary negotiation is just one of them.


Students craving for PGDM  in Retail or PGDM in HR will soon understand that more than the degrees, they need verifiable skills. They can no longer take resort to manipulative skills and avoid works that are critical to the organization. In remote working, you can’t hide your lack of skills.  


Example of Coinbase


Recently, the Chief People Officer of leading crypto exchange Coinbase announced that the company will pay the same salary for the same job to all employees. It will no longer allow salary negotiations for hiring talent for the same job. If the jobs are the same, salaries are going to be the same.


"We are officially eliminating negotiations on salary and equity from our recruiting process," Coinbase Chief People Officer L.J. Brock wrote in a blog post. "If you pass our bar and are hired to do the same work, you get the same offer as the next candidate for a role."


Only HR managers will understand the real importance of this policy. The corporate world has thrived on discriminatory remunerations and perks. Manipulations and extraneous factors played a big role in giving higher salaries to some employees.


Finally, Coinbase, a company big enough to make international headlines, has taken the initiative to put to bed a practice that has been fundamentally unethical and in violation of corporate governance. Coinbase is a startup founded in 2013. It’s the leading crypto exchange in the US and was recently listed on Nasdaq, the first crypto company to do so. At the time of its listing, the company was valued at $100 billion.    


Company with No HQ


For some time now, Coinbase has been a company without headquarters. As a policy, the company has announced to be a remote-first, meaning its employees will have the option to work remotely, not requiring to come to the office. To further demolish the hierarchical structure, the company said it would not have any headquarters. It is going to close down its San Francisco office, which used to be its headquarters, in 2022.    


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