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Postgraduate scholarships are an important resource for students in India who are looking to further their education and pursue advanced degrees. There are several reasons why PG scholarships are so important. They are: 

  • Encourage diversity: Scholarships help to promote diversity in postgraduate education by providing opportunities to students from underrepresented groups. It gives them an equal chance to pursue their dreams.
  • Increase Access: Scholarships can increase access to postgraduate education for students from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds. It allows them to pursue an advanced degree without having to take on significant debt.
  • Quality of education: Scholarships allow students to attend reputable institutions and study under experienced and qualified faculty. This can have a positive impact on the quality of education they receive.

Benefits of ITM PG scholarship 

The ITM PG Scholarship is a valuable opportunity for students looking to pursue their postgraduate education at ITM institute. Here are some of the benefits of the ITM PG Scholarship:

  • Financial assistance: The ITM PG Scholarship provides financial assistance to cover the cost of tuition, books, and other expenses, making postgraduate education more accessible and affordable for students.
  • Reputation of the Institution: ITM institute is a reputable institution known for its quality of education, experienced faculty, and excellent facilities. The scholarship enables the students to receive education from one of the best B-School in India.
  • Career advancement: The ITM PG Scholarship provides students with the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to advance in their careers. This is particularly important in India, where a graduate degree is often required for professional advancement.
  • Networking opportunities: ITM institute has a large alumni network and industry connections. The scholarship enables students to be a part of the network and gain from their experiences.
  • Specialization: ITM institute offers a wide range of PG programmes with specialization in various fields, such as finance, marketing, and human resource management. The scholarship enables students to specialize in the field of their interest.
  • Student support: ITM institute provides a wide range of student support services to help students succeed academically, personally, and professionally.

Criteria for scholarship 

The ITM Postgraduate Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students looking to pursue their postgraduate education at ITM institute. In order to be considered for the scholarship, there are certain criteria that must be met.

  • Academic excellence: The PG scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated academic excellence in their undergraduate studies. A good academic record is a must.
  • Work experience: The scholarship also takes into account the student's work experience. Preference is given to students who have relevant work experience in their field of study.
  • Financial need: The PG scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to students who demonstrate financial need. Students from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
  • Entrance Exam scores: Students who have taken and cleared entrance exams like CAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT, MAT, and ATMA are eligible to apply.
  • Leadership potential: The PG scholarship is also awarded to students who demonstrate leadership potential and show a commitment to making a positive impact in their communities.
  • Interview: The scholarship is awarded based on the student's performance in an interview conducted by ITM institute.
  • Age Limit: There is no age limit to apply for the scholarship.

Keep these things in mind before applying 

The ITM Postgraduate Scholarship is a valuable opportunity for students looking to pursue their postgraduate education at ITM institute. However, before applying for the scholarship, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Meet the Eligibility Criteria: Be sure to review the scholarship's eligibility criteria and ensure that you meet all the requirements.
  • Gather necessary documents: Keep all the necessary documents like academic transcripts, entrance exam scores, work experience certificates, and financial documents ready for submission.
  • Check the Application Deadline: Be sure to check the application deadline and submit your application before the deadline to be considered for the scholarship.
  • Tailor your application: Tailor your application to the scholarship's criteria and emphasize how you meet the requirements and how the scholarship will benefit you.
  • Personal statement: Prepare a personal statement that highlights your achievements, goals, and reasons for applying for the scholarship.
  • Proofreading: Review your application and ensure that it is error free, it is important to proofread before submitting your application.


ITM PG Scholarship is a valuable opportunity for students looking to pursue their postgraduate education at ITM institute. It provides financial assistance, the reputation of the institution, career advancement, networking opportunities, specialisation, and student support. Applying for the scholarship is a great way to invest in your future and take the first step toward a successful career.

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