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How to Prepare for the CAT Exam?


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The Common Admission Test, or CAT exam, is India's most popular MBA entrance exam, with over two lakh hopefuls taking it each year. It is the path to India's top business schools, the IIMs. Naturally, it is also the most difficult entrance exam to pass. As a result, CAT exam 2022 candidates must devise a preparation strategy that addresses all of the factors that contribute to a score of 99 percent or higher. The CAT exam is an aptitude test used to evaluate a candidate's analytical, logical, and verbal abilities, all of which are required for a successful career in business management. Thus, a solid preparation plan is required to pass the CAT exam.

The CAT 2022 question paper, like every year, will be of a high difficulty level, therefore you must guarantee that there are no gaps in your preparation. In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about CAT exam eligibility, as well as tips and tactics for how to prepare for CAT. You will also receive section-by-section preparation suggestions and CAT exam question papers.

Changes in CAT Exam 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a few alterations were made to the CAT exam pattern and CAT exam papers in 2020. The overall number of questions and the total number of questions were reduced. The overall number of questions was lowered further in 2021. Check out the chart below to see how the CMAT exam pattern has changed over the previous three years.

Changes in CAT Exam
CAT exam slots 3 3 2
CAT duration 120 minutes 120 minutes 180 minutes
Total number of questions 66 76 100
Total marks 198 228 300
No. of Total questions in VARC 24 26 34
No. of Total questions in DILR 20 24 32
No. of Total questions in QA 22 26 34

CAT 2022 Exam Preparation

The CAT exam is a difficult exam that requires complete dedication. It necessitates six to eight hours of study per day. Candidates must revise all ideas and equations on a regular basis so that they are fresh in their minds on exam day. They must revise in light of their application on various types of queries. Candidates must make split-second decisions during the exam. Candidates must practice 40-50 mock tests during their CAT 2022 preparation to perfect this competence.

CAT 2022 Preparation : Coaching

Preparing for the CAT exam papers is a long-term strategy. It is necessary to begin planning for it at least six to nine months in advance. Candidates who intend to prepare for the CAT through self-study must begin much earlier. Candidates who choose to enroll in a coaching institute for CAT preparation are well guided by mentors and coaches. The coaching institute also includes all of the CAT study material and mock exam series, as well as guidance through difficult themes and problems. They will, however, be obliged to attend six to eight hours of class per day.

CAT 2022 Preparation : Self-Study

Those who are unable to attend daily classes should opt for self-study. Yes, self-study is an option for CAT exam syllabus preparation. In fact, many CAT toppers prepared for the exam on their own. Those who choose self-study need not be concerned about how to prepare for the CAT 2022. They only need to accomplish the following:

  • Join online learning facebook groups, YouTube, Quora, Telegram, and other sites.
  • Apps for preparing for the MBA entrance exam can be downloaded for free.
  • Purchase the best books for CAT preparation.
  • MBA coaching institutes can provide you with online study materials such as CAT mock test series.
  • Create a CAT exam preparation plan for each month.

The CAT exam is administered entirely online. The question paper's difficulty level is usually moderate to difficult. The questions may be easy or difficult, but what matters is how well and quickly you use your thoughts to solve them with 100% correctness.

The first and most important need is a complete understanding of the CAT exam syllabus and structure. The major areas you need to practise on throughout your CAT preparation are being able to choose the proper question, reading it fast and precisely, and solving it quickly and accurately.

Prepare for VARC CAT 2022

The Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) element of the CAT exam is typically divided into three sections: Vocabulary, Grammar, and Reading Comprehension.

Synonyms, Antonyms, Analogies, Spellings, Odd Words, Words Often Confused, Sentence Completion, and Cloze Tests are examples of vocabulary-based questions. To answer these questions, you'll need a mix of language knowledge, reading skills, and reasoning abilities. Vocabulary knowledge is more than just knowing what a word means; it is about understanding what contexts the term can be used in. It will be simple once you begin to comprehend how a specific term is used in context.

Try to decipher a term using etymology, or the study of root meanings. Knowing the definition of a Latin root, such as 'loqui,' will help you grasp words like eloquent, loquacious, soliloquy, ventriloquize, circumlocution, grandiloquent, magniloquent, and so on. When you combine your grasp of roots with the meanings of prefixes and suffixes, you will have tremendous influence over your vocabulary.

Grammar: There are two approaches to solving Grammar-based questions: go by rules and learn the various parts of speech and their usages, as well as the rules that apply, or practise the type of questions that are asked and learn the types of errors that lead to questions based on error detection or sentence correction. Once you're familiar with the many forms of errors, a lot of practise will help you cross the line.

Reading comprehension can be improved by developing a reading habit over time. Begin writing a fiction novel, newspapers, and blogs. Depending on the level of the book, aim for a reading pace of at least 300 words per minute. And read widely. Choose topics that are outside of your comfort zone to read about.

Prepare for DILR CAT 2022

In a CAT exam, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) is almost as significant as the other two portions of the paper. This portion in CAT exam 2022 was moderate but time intensive.

The tough element of DILR is that it is not a mathematical problem with a formula. It is logic-based and necessitates some calculating and counting. That is, it is a talent that must be learned rather than knowledge that must be recalled.

The key here is mental calculation. Don't rely on the calculator to enhance your grasp on DILR; instead, utilise your thinking. Master Tables from 1 to 20, understanding of Fractions from 1/1, 1/2, 1/3 to 1/20, fundamental arithmetic, and so on.

The DILR component of the CAT exam eligibility may be mastered with practice; the more you practice, the faster you will improve your accuracy.

Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude CAT 2022

The CAT Quantitative Aptitude component contains Arithmetic, Algebra, Advance Mathematics, and Geometry, and accounts for one-third of the total CAT question paper.

There is no other way to score well in this section except to go over each and every chapter thoroughly. Memorize basic concepts and theories. To prepare for the CAT's QA part, try a variety of example questions. This part may necessitate much calculation. Mental calculation will outlast the calculator in terms of time usage.

CAT Preparation 2022: Solving Sample Papers and Mock Tests

Solving sample questions and taking online mock tests is an important part of CAT exam preparation. Candidates must ensure that they practice 40-50 CAT exam mock examinations during their preparation period. While October is the optimal time to begin full-fledged mock examinations, experts recommend that candidates solve topic-specific sample problems while studying for improved concept clarity. Read on for some important information about the CAT mock test.

  • Solve each of the topic's questions at least three times while studying it. In the first attempt, you will comprehend the question and its logic; in the second, you will be able to solve it correctly; and in the third, you will be able to solve it correctly in less time.
  • Start taking online CAT sample examinations once you've finished the course so you don't get stuck on a specific topic.
  • Your goal in practicing CAT mock examinations should be to improve your speed and accuracy in answering the three-hour lengthy question paper. Increase your stamina as well so that you can sit through the three-hour exam without becoming mentally or physically weary.
  • Analyze your performance and identify areas for improvement after completing each simulated test or sample paper. Do not attempt to solve more than one sample paper in a single day. After a strenuous session, your mind requires recovery.
  • Do not be discouraged if the results are not first positive; instead, continue to analyse deficiencies and work on them. The only way to succeed on the CAT or any other MBA admission exam is to excel on mock examinations.
  • Because the CAT exam has sector time limits, it is critical to practice sectional mock examinations in order to learn and manage time effectively.

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