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How To Crack MAH CET 2021


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Are you planning to appear for MAH CET and don't know how to prepare for the exam? Well, your preparation will depend on when the examination is going to be held. With the specter of Covid looming over us, this is a big uncertainty. Let's keep our fingers crossed, and get down to the preparation.

While mapping out your study plan for the MAH CET Preparation, the first step is to identify your strengths and weaknesses based on the syllabus and ensure you give the maximum amount of time to the areas of weakness.

The syllabus of the MAH CET exam is divided into three sections

Quantitative Aptitude: The questions in this section assess your mathematical skills. Topics involved- Ratio and Proportion, Arithmetic Progression, Distance, Logarithms, Probability, Permutations, and Combinations.

Verbal Ability: Reading Comprehension of Passages, Vocabulary, One-word substitutions, Sentence Completion, Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms, The basic grammar, and so on are a part of this section.

Logical and Aptitude Reasoning (Abstract Reasoning): Direction, Series, Venn Diagrams, and it has questions that evaluate your logical reasoning towards a problem.


Preparation Tips and Tricks for MAH CET Examination

1) Prepare a timetable and stick to it

 You need to create a proper timetable and also follow it diligently. Although to follow it diligently, it would need to be a realistic study plan, an unrealistic one would only bring more despair. Remember to set realistic goals when creating the timetable, ones that you can achieve. Also, Math and English will need an ample amount of revision, so ensure you allocate time to subjects accordingly.

For Math and English, you will need to do a lot of back and forth with the topics involved for the MAH CET exam. Go back to working on and revising basic tables, squares, and square roots along with cube and cube roots, as if you get them right, they save you time on the actual exam day. For English, learn as many new words as you can. And for this purpose, use flashcards, Wren and Martin books, and your early high school grammar books and revise all your grammar rules and theories. With subjects like Math and English, no matter how good you believe you are, you should not be overconfident, because the level of difficulty in these subjects is unpredictable and unprepared, you can find yourself in a ditch.


2) Refer to the right study material

Choose wisely as to what books you want to refer to, during your preparation for MAH CET. While there are a lot of options available in the market out there, it is wise to buy the ones with language and pattern that sits well with you. This ensures you can comprehend well and learn fast. Also, do not stay fixated on a certain author/book, evaluate options, and then decide on the one you want to buy. A better thing to do would be to start with an easy or basic book and then move to the upgraded versions of it, once you are comfortable with the foundational books.


3) Decide for coaching classes or self-study, well in advance

Joining a coaching institute is always a personal choice depending upon how consistent you can be with your studies. These days, you have three options: an offline coaching program, an online coaching program, or self-study.  

Choose self-study only if you are confident that you can stay regular with your preparation. If not, an online or offline coaching program is a must. If you don’t believe you can stay regular with your preparation, then joining a coaching class is a must.

The edge that prepping with a coaching institute offers you are the tips, tricks, and shortcuts you get to learn from the experts of MAH CET themselves.


4) Time management is a must in MAH CET

The one thing that differentiates the MAH CET entrance exam from other entrance exams like CAT, XAT, etc. is the speed. In the MAH CET exam, you need to be in control of your speed and accuracy. You can only be able to manage speed well if you manage your time well. You have to solve a total of 200 questions in 150 minutes. Make sure you time yourself while practicing and keep a time target per question, and if you are not able to meet that target, increase your speed. Or figure out ways to meet the target.

Even during the exam, you should be able to manage time well, focus on questions that you can solve easily first, and then move to the difficult ones. This ensures your speed is consistent and hence, time is saved and later you have the time for difficult questions.

Mock-CETs are the best way to test how far your prep has got you. Please do not be depressed even if you get a low score in your mocks, because they are just you experimenting and making yourself aware of what can be expected in the main MAH CET exam. Instead, look for areas of improvement and work on them as much as you can till D-Day of the MAH CET entrance exam.

Anyway, a very basic tip for you to help crack MAH CET is practice. Hence, give as many Mock-CETs as you can. Experiment with the way you solve questions, get an idea of your speed and accuracy, and likewise improve for the next ones to come. This way, you will also know what kind of questions can be expected in the main MAH CET examination.

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