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How Do Scholarships Benefit PGDM Students?


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A scholarship program not only covers the costs of pursuing higher education but also brings an immense change in the lives of students.

It allows you to forget all about your financial worries and concentrate more on doing well in your academics, thus creating a strong foundation for a successful career. Overall, scholarships make higher studies more accessible and affordable, thereby fulfilling your dreams for an exceptional career with an extraordinary educational background.

Following are the benefits a scholarship provides the students with.


Easier Access To Education

A scholarship program enables you to not hesitate over pursuing a higher education that can help give a boost to your career in the long run. This is one of the key benefits it provides you with. You can opt for a professional degree you want, without any hesitancy.

Learning should never stop due to a lack of finances. And scholarship aids ensure all gifted students be it rich or poor get equal and easy access to higher education.


Extensive College Support

Winning a scholarship gets you more than just a money grant from your college or university

The college authorities help you experience the full benefits, along with offering mentorship to help you with the program. This massive support from the authorities can go a long way in motivating you to give your best to your career.


Network Building

There are many students like you in the scholarship run; it is a very competitive scenario. When you are awarded a scholarship, you will be able to network with other people who have also applied for the same or won the award. Having applied for the same scholarship, you are likely to be in the same academic field as them, and this poses a great network base for after you graduate and enter the corporate world.

Listed below are some ways in which a scholarship program affects the lives of students.


Monetary Impact

A scholarship program assists in lessening the adverse impact of the rising tuition fees. Many of the scholarship programs cover your entire tuition fees expenses and allow you to have enough to figure out boarding, lodging, meals, etc. There are some scholarship programs that cover all of the expenses of your education; these are called full-ride scholarship programs.


Scholastic Impact

A scholarship helps you invest more in your studies, without having any financial concerns.

When you have a scholarship provider managing your educational finances, you are relieved of the risk of dropping out in the middle of the course or not getting the degree at all. On the other hand, if you take a student or education loan, you will try repaying it as soon as you can. You might want to achieve this by working alongside studying, and thus have your focus divided among both.


Economic Impact

Scholarship assistance supports all students equally, be it a student from a high-income level or a low-income level. It bridges the gap between the deserving students of both levels, thus allowing them to get higher education together and excel in their respective careers.


Social Impact

The scholarship helps a student in need, assisting him in attaining the education needed for a successful career. This makes the student socially conscious and instills in him a need for philanthropy.

This way you somehow want to give back to society by contributing in some way towards its betterment and welfare.


Career Impact

A scholarship gives your resume the boost it needs for you to have a thriving career.

Winning scholarships is a huge challenge, as they are highly competitive. And there are innumerable applicants for these programs. Hence, winning can get you great academic recognition and respect.

Add this achievement of your scholarship win to your resume and see how it changes the way recruiters look at you. Winning a scholarship shows you are hard-working and determined towards your goals, and with these qualities, any organization would look forward to hiring you.

Thus, a scholarship has a very positive impact on your career, giving it the boost it needs.

Now that you all are aware of the benefits and perks a scholarship can bring you, go apply for a genuine scholarship program and reap the benefits.

Also, beware of the scholarship scams circulating these days. The telling signs of such fake scholarship programs are- application fees, no contact details, the evasive answer to queries, etc. Hence, you have to be extremely careful while on the lookout for scholarships.


ITM PGDM iFirst Scholarship

ITM Business School offers MBA/PGDM scholarships to its students, these act as the wings to their dreams. This scholarship program is known as the iFirst scholarship program. It allows students to fund their own postgraduate education and chase after their dreams by themselves, allowing them the respect and recognition they deserve, both in personal and professional lives.

To qualify for the same, apply for the PGDM program, take the iFirst scholarship test, go through the whole admission process and secure your admission. A week later, the merit list of the students who will be awarded the scholarship will be released.

You need an education edge to climb up the corporate ladder, and this education edge is more accessible with a scholarship. So, if you aspire to see yourself in a managerial position in your dream company and need help for the education needed for the same, a scholarship is your savior.

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