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How to Get Ready for the XAT 2022 Exam

The XAT Exam is one of India's most difficult MBA entrance exams. As a result, it is critical for each candidate to fully comprehend how to prepare for the XAT 2022 exam.

When preparing for the XAT Exam in 2022, the candidate should have some fundamental knowledge of the XAT Exam. This material is provided in the form of an exam pattern and curriculum, which may be found above. The candidate might create a path for their XAT 2022 preparation based on the XAT 2022 Exam Pattern and their personal position in terms of the XAT 2022 Syllabus.

The essential structure of any MBA Entrance Exam preparation is always the same:

  • From Class 8 to 10, the candidate must review the fundamentals of maths and English.
  • Candidates practice questions of varying degrees of difficulty to determine their strengths and shortcomings.
  • The candidate should do as many mocks as feasible to ensure that they are familiar with the paper pattern and that they can complete it regardless of the difficulty level.

These are the essential processes that must be followed in order for a candidate to pass the XAT Exam. While there is definitely much more that can be done to prepare for the XAT Exam, these basic stages should serve as a guideline for the candidate's individual preparation approach.

Official Mock Exam for the XAT 2022.

The official XAT 2022 mock exam has not yet been released, however it will be soon. For applicants, completing the official mock will be a good experience. Students will receive a sense of what the XAT 2022 examination will be like, as well as an overview of the types of questions and concepts that will be asked. Students will be able to fine-tune their XAT 2022 preparation strategy and recognize the degree of difficulty of the XAT for the year 2022 if they are aware of this.

Admit Card for XAT 2022

The XAT 2022 Admit Card is one of the most important documents that each applicant must bring to the XAT 2022 Exam.

The XAT 2022 Admit Card is likely to be distributed and  can be downloaded by logging in using the Username and Password used for the XAT 2022 Registration on the official XAT website. It comprises certain candidate details that will be verified at the XAT Exam Center. These are some of the specifics:

  • Name of the candidate Date of Birth of candidate
  • Signature and Photograph of the candidate
  • Exam Duration
  • Exam Center Name and Address
  • Date and reporting time of the Exam
  • Gate closing time of exam center
  • XAT Registration Number
  • Exam Instructions and Invigilator signature

Result of the XAT 2022

The XAT score is usually published on the XAT website. When it comes to when the XAT Result is declared, it is usually rather quick. 

XAT colleges also distributes the XAT 2022 Answer key and response sheet before announcing the XAT 2022 Result. This gives candidates an indication of how they did on the test and how they should continue in the future.

Cut-off for XAT 2022 in XAT colleges.

The XAT 2022 Cut Off is the percentile at which an applicant must score in order to receive a call from the college to which they have applied. While the precise XAT 2022 Cut Off can only be estimated because it is dependent on a number of factors, including:

  • The XAT 2022 Exam's Difficulty.
  • Number of candidates appearing for the XAT 2022 Exam.
  • Number of available seats.

The cutoff for the top XAT colleges in XAT 2022, on the other hand, has stayed pretty stable in recent years. 

Only after the XAT 2022 Result will the official XAT 2022 Cut Off be known. The cutoff is anticipated to be in the 95-97 percentile.

Selection Procedures for the XAT 2022.

The XAT 2022 Exam is merely a qualifier for candidates, and as such, Business Schools typically go through a number of steps before deciding whether or not to choose a candidate.

The following are some of the most prevalent selection procedures:

  • WAT (Written Assessment Test)
  • GD (Group Discussion)
  • PI (Personal Interview)

There was also a self-assessment and recorded interview round in XAT, although these rounds are not assured to be repeated in XAT 2022.

These are the standard selection procedures used by all B-Schools, notably the top ones. However, as the B-School has the authority to amend the selection procedures as they see fit, this should not be treated as gospel.

The students must study the XAT Exam Pattern 2022 to learn about the exam specifics. The Xavier Aptitude Test is the name of the exam (XAT). The XAT is an admissions test for several management programs offered by management institutions. We have updated all of the information about the XAT 2022 Exam Pattern here.

2022 XAT Exam Pattern

The following is a complete exam pattern for candidates to review:

Exam Mode: The XAT 2022 exam will be administered online.

Parts: There will be two parts to it: Part 1 and Part 2.

Question Types: Both objective and subjective types of questions will be asked.

The duration of the event will be 3 hours (10:00 AM to 1:00 PM).

Part 1: Sections and Number of Questions Part 1 will be divided into three sections: Verbal and logical ability, decision-making ability, quantitative ability, and data interpretation and general knowledge. The first part of the XAT will consist of 75 questions. The total time permitted for Part 1 will be 165 minutes.

Sections and Question Numbers (Part 1): Paper 2 will have a total of 25 GK questions and one essay writing question. Part 2 will have a time limit of 25 minutes.

Marking Scheme XAT 2022.

Each question is worth the same amount of points. For each erroneous response, a quarter of a point will be deducted. Candidates have the option of not answering 12 questions on the exam. Any question that is not attempted will receive a negative mark of 0.05. Candidates will now have to limit their choices to the questions they don't want to answer. There will also be a 0.25 point deduction for each incorrect answer.

Important Information About the XAT Exam

  • XAT is divided into two parts: Part I and Part II. Part I is divided into three sections: A, B, and C, each comprising 24, 21, and 27 questions, for a total of 72 questions. Part II consists of 25 general knowledge questions and an essay.
  • For both portions, a total of 210 minutes will be allocated. Part I should be completed in 170 minutes, and Part II should be completed in 35 minutes.
  • Candidates will not be shortlisted for GD/interviews based on their GK portions. It would only be taken into account in the final selection of candidates.
  • If you leave a question unanswered, you could lose 0.05 points. After 12 unattempted questions, the marks for unattempted questions will be deducted.
  • Each question is worth the same amount of points, with one-fourth of a point subtracted for each incorrect response.
  • Candidates are encouraged to do their preliminary work in the margin. There will be no separate sheet of paper provided for rough work.

Syllabus for XAT 2022.

Questions from disciplines such as verbal and logical abilities, essay writing, decision making, general knowledge, and others will be included in the XAT 2022 syllabus. We have mentioned some themes from the following subjects in the given section:

Quantitative Aptitude: Table, graphs, geometry, speed and distance, arithmetic and etc.

General Knowledge: Awards, nation and states, business, politics, history, economics and etc

The XAT 2022 Exam Pattern will inform students about the number and type of questions, exam method, time duration, and number of sections, among other things. Students will also learn about the exam's marking method as a result of this essay.

Modifications to the XAT Exam Pattern

  • Certain adjustments to the XAT exam pattern were made by XLRI Jamshedpur. The following are some of the most recent modifications to the XAT exam pattern from last year:
  • NAT questions were added by XLRI in the XAT, and they must be answered via a virtual keypad that appears on the computer screen. Candidates must use the virtual keypad to input their numerical answers.
  • After 8 unattempted questions, applicants will be penalized with a 0.10 mark for each question left unattempted starting in 2022. There will be no negative marking until there are eight unattempted questions, after which each unattempted question will have a 0.10 point penalty.

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