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How a PGDM in Digital Marketing can be beneficial for your career


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Digital Marketing has witnessed a boom in the past decade after a tremendous increase in people’s usage of the internet. Human dependence on the internet is seen increasing every day as we rely on Google for everything- from finding the best institutes to checking local store timings. 

Digital communication is preferred by almost every business in every industry which makes it an important skill to learn by any professional. A PGDM in digital marketing offers lucrative career opportunities to young graduates. The field of digital marketing is complex as it involves details in terms of knowing the need and result of digital practices. To consider yourself as a good digital marketer, it is important to learn digital marketing from an institute of marketing and management.

Through this blog, you will explore the benefits of pursuing a digital marketing course along with the various career options this field offers.


How to choose the right course

Once you have decided to enrol yourself in a Diploma in Digital Marketing, the next step is to explore the course options and find the best match for yourself. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing a course.

·   Understand your goals

The first step in determining which course is right for you is to assess your personal goals. A course can be evaluated in terms of how well it can help you to achieve your goals. A few of the most common goals and motivations for learning digital marketing are to promote a digital business, to opt for a career change, upgrading yourself for your existing career and so on.

·   Course content

Once you have identified your goals and needs, it’s time to compare courses by reviewing their content to find one that suits you best. A comprehensive course will cover different areas of digital marketing such as SEO, PPC advertising and CRO. The Digital Marketing syllabus is vast and includes other sub-disciplines of digital marketing as well.

·   Level of difficulty

If you are new to digital marketing or have switched from another field, a beginner’s course outlining theoretical modules will help you work your way up. The best course is one that matches your level of knowledge and is appropriately challenging at the same time.

·   Trustworthiness and Quality of the faculty

Wouldn’t it be disappointing to spend your time and money on learning from someone who wasn’t qualified to teach you? To avoid this, it is always better to verify the experience of your trainer by investigating the background of who created the course and the team that will be teaching it. 

·   In line with industry needs

The chosen course syllabus should be in accordance with the recent trends in digital marketing to avoid outdated knowledge. The course you choose should prove to be useful in getting you selected for your desired job or the promotion you were aiming for.


Benefits of Digital Marketing Certifications

As more businesses are entering the Digital Marketing field, the demand for skilled digital marketing professionals will further escalate. A PGDM in Digital marketing is considered an investment in today’s technologically advanced world and is much needed to keep up with it. 

The average internet user in 2019 had a minimum of 7 social media accounts and as many as 30% of them mentioned brands while referring to certain life experiences on social media. Customer purchases are no longer being made in stores due to the widespread use of mobile phone applications. Earning a certificate in digital marketing widens your career choice as well as assures you a handsome salary package.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits that digital marketing certification courses offer.

·   Explore various career opportunities

The use of digital marketing is not restricted to one field hence; businesses in any sector can enjoy the perks of digital marketing for the expansion of their business. After learning the latest Digital Marketing syllabus, an individual can choose from a variety of career options based on their skillset.

·   Receive a salary hike

Digital marketing is an emerging domain with a scarcity of skilled digital marketing professionals. This is why companies are willing to offer a high compensation to certified candidates. Experienced professionals who have earned a Diploma in Digital Marketing certificates have a wide range of skills and can demand higher salaries.

·   Enhance your skills

Digital marketing is an emerging field and certification training starts from teaching candidates the basics of marketing skills and industry concepts. As you learn, you become more inclined towards exploring the field thereby enhancing your skill set.

·   Flexibility

The biggest perk of digital marketing jobs is the flexibility to work from any location as long as you have a good internet connection. Since these jobs are internet-based, physical presence doesn’t matter giving you more freedom.

·   Increase your market value

There is a huge gap between the demand and supply of digital marketing postgraduates and according to a 2018 marketing report, the demand was 59% and the supply stood at 19%. Anyone with a PG in digital marketing certification will surely be considered valuable.

·   Keep up with the industry standards

Conducting digital marketing campaigns in the future will be the new norm. However, very few skilled professionals with expertise in this field will be able to excel in making the advertisement reach targeted customers.


Summing up

There is no course that will perfectly fit your needs which is why it is important to prioritize and choose a course that ticks most of your criteria boxes. The Digital Marketing syllabus can give you the freedom to experiment in your career by working as a freelancer. A digital marketing postgraduate can earn up to INR 1000,000 per annum with a few years of experience.


The demand for digital marketers over the last few years has seen a steady increase and with more and more businesses becoming digital, it is only going to rise in the future. Enrolling for a certification course with the latest Digital Marketing syllabus will help you to experiment with new and innovative marketing tools which are now an important part of the marketing world.

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