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Graduates In International Business (IB): Career & Jobs Opportunities


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One of the greatest courses to take after graduation is the Post Graduate Diploma in International Business. It's all about international business, and it can lead to jobs with global enterprises, international banks, and international trade firms. You can earn good money, progress in your career, and even travel the world if you work for such a company. 

PGDM colleges in Mumbai offer PGDM as a course that teaches you a lot and gives you a lot of opportunities. Professionals with experience in international business are always favored above other applicants. Many corporations are establishing bases in practically every major and profitable market throughout the world as the business world becomes more globalized. As economies improve, so do the choices for PGDIB graduates.

So, what opportunities do PGDM colleges in Mumbai graduates have? This is the most important factor. This is a degree program that allows you to work in a variety of industries and in a variety of roles. As a result, before deciding to pursue this degree, you should be aware of the various employment options open to you. The next part provides details on the many occupations you can pursue with a PGDM, including their tasks and responsibilities and the projected compensation.

10 International Business Graduate Job Opportunities

It's not simply about doing business in a new country or market when you're doing international business. There are so many factors at play that the circumstance necessitated the hiring of professionals that not only understand international business but also know how to get the job done. There are many distinct fields of international business, which means that PGDM colleges in Mumbai graduates will have many different work prospects.

Here are the top ten international business career possibilities for graduates:

International Marketing Manager 

 An overseas marketing manager is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for international markets. You must also have a thorough awareness of numerous marketplaces in order to promote your company's products and services to the appropriate audiences. You must infiltrate the market and develop a brand for your products and services. PGDM colleges in Mumbai offer International Marketing courses that open opportunities for International Marketing managers.

International marketing managers are critical to a company's success when it enters a foreign market. As a result, they are compensated in accordance with the importance of their role. The average wage in India is in the range of INR 4 lakhs to INR 8 lakhs. In addition, marketing experts receive benefits such as a commission.

International Product Manager

PGDM colleges in Mumbai offer PGDM in IB that teaches a detailed curriculum about marketing products. Marketing products and services to other countries are the sole responsibility of a foreign-based international product manager. The quality of a product might vary greatly depending on the market in which it is sold. Even in some markets, the packaging of the product is subject to strict regulations. When it comes to ensuring quality standards are met in the worldwide market, it is up to a product manager to take care of that.

The success of a product relies heavily on the work of international product managers. There is a requirement for them to have a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations of foreign marketplaces. As a result, a job requiring this level of expertise typically comes with a competitive wage. Currently, salaries range from INR 4 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs, depending on experience and education from PGDM colleges in Mumbai graduates.

Finance Analyst 

International markets are distinct, but they are also interconnected. It is a very complicated structure, and the work of an international financial analyst is to know about all of these markets and produce reports for investments in these areas. For their organization to invest money, they must conduct extensive research and give information and forecast models for a variety of marketplaces. PGDM colleges in Mumbai offer courses in IB that help with these opportunities. 

Observational skills and a strong grasp of mathematics are required for financial analysts. To be successful in such a crowded field, you'll need to be exceptional. The remuneration for a financial analyst currently ranges from INR 3 lakhs to INR 9 lakhs. Commissions are also very high for them.

Business Development Manager

PGDM colleges in Mumbai offer you opportunities as a business development manager. You are responsible for bringing in new foreign customers. Knowing the market and making relevant relationships are necessary for this. Making preparations properly is also necessary. In order to secure the company's growth and development, the business development manager must work closely with the company's marketing and sales departments in international markets. 

A business development manager's compensation ranges from INR 3 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs, with significant commissions. In addition, there are several prospects for advancement and promotion to the company's upper echelons.

Research Analyst

For a company to be successful in an international market, it is necessary for it to have access to knowledge about the markets. The market's opportunities and dangers must be clearly shown in this data. That's when a research analyst's skills come in handy. It's their job to conduct extensive studies into the foreign market in order to help their companies enter new markets.

International Business from PGDM colleges in Mumbai, research analysts play a critical role. Without their efforts, businesses will be exposed to significant risk. As a result, they receive a 3 Lakh to 9 Lakh on average. 

Logistics Manager

As a logistics manager, you'll have a lot of work on your hands. Imagine doing it on a global level. The logistics manager has a challenging but rewarding job. Product supply, resource supply, delivery, and other logistics must be figured out in different countries. The problem is that each country has its own set of rules and regulations, as well as unique logistical issues. In order to assure timely delivery, the logistics manager must be aware of these issues. This is comprehensively covered in the curriculum of PGDM colleges in Mumbai.

As previously indicated, the logistics manager's work is one of the most challenging and rewarding in international business from PGDM colleges in Mumbai graduates. They earn between INR 3 lakhs and 15 lakhs each year, as well as commissions after a PGDM colleges in Mumbai.

International Supply Chain Manager

Having a good international supply chain manager is essential for companies that sell commodities and products. Their job is to work out the logistics and make certain that everything from purchasing and production to packaging and distribution runs well. They are in charge of this. The task is made even more difficult by the fact that it is being carried out on a global basis. It's a high expectation for an international supply chain manager, though.

Managing multinational product supply chains necessitates the expertise of experienced international supply chain managers. They can expect to make anywhere from INR 4 lakhs to INR 15 lakhs per year. This is the starting package for students in PGDM colleges in Mumbai.

Human Resources Manager

In multinational businesses, there are several staffing issues to contend with. Because of this, you'll require a top-notch HR manager. They're in charge of finding the best people to work in various parts of the world. Moreover, they must be aware of the labor laws in those nations and guarantee that their operations are in compliance with them. On top of all of that, they're responsible for keeping the company's employees happy and serving as a conduit for information between the numerous divisions distributed throughout the globe.

The management of human resources is critical in a company with several offices around the world. Between INR 4 lakhs and 15 lakhs, human resources managers are paid post PGDM colleges in Mumbai.

Business Analytics Manager

PGDM colleges in Mumbai–In international corporate operations, business analytics plays a significant role. Risks have to be eliminated and the appropriate decisions made when a company enters a new market. Senior management can base its decisions regarding a specific international market on reports and results prepared by the business analytics manager, who utilizes technology, analytics software, industry data, statistics, and other data.

An analytics manager is a highly specialized professional in the business world. Understanding and employing analytics software necessitates strong analytical and forecasting abilities as well as technical know-how. The salary range for this position is between INR 8 lakhs and 20 lakhs after finishing PGDM colleges in Mumbai.

International Brand Manager

PG Program in IB can grant you other international opportunities. When a corporation is multinational, branding matters a lot, especially when the company is entering a new market. Having a well-known and trustworthy brand name will save the company a lot of money on marketing and help its products and services gain a larger market share. Herein lies the strength of a well-established brand name. It's the job of the international brand manager to oversee all international branding initiatives. Creating a positive image and online reputation for the company is a top priority. Numerous tasks necessitate the involvement of others in the creative process, including planning and setting up events.

Because of the rigors of their work, international branding managers earn some of the highest salaries in the industry. They earn between INR 5 lakhs and INR 18 lakhs on average after completing a course from PGDM colleges in Mumbai.

Courses in International Business Have a Bright Future

PG program IB graduates have a bright future, especially in India. As one of the world's fastest-growing economies, we attract a large number of businesses. Additionally, there are a large number of locally-founded companies expanding internationally. A large population also means high consumption and the possibility of skilled labor. As a result, multinational corporations moving operations to India or an Indian company expanding internationally can be found in the headlines virtually every day. 

Multinational corporations, international trade businesses, investment banks, and companies planning to become global are all eager to hire PG program PGDIB graduates. In addition, the wages paid by these businesses are very high. As a bonus, gaining international experience will help one's career. As a result, it is safe to conclude that the future of a degree in international business is bright.


Students who have completed the PG program in IB have numerous options for employment. As a result, you can land a high-paying position in international business after from PGDM colleges in Mumbai in whatever subject you choose. You'll have the chance to travel and meet new people. It's impossible to grow bored working in an international company environment like the ones listed above.

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