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GMAT Practice Test for 2023: Sample Questions


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GMAT Practice Test for 2023: Sample Questions 

GMAT Practice Papers are the most beneficial preparation material, according to GMAT aspirants. The GMAT preparation process starts with a diagnostic exam that assesses the candidate's strengths and shortcomings.

Following that, various GMAT practice exams are administered, including verbal, quantitative, Integrated Reasoning (IR), and Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA).

GMAT verbal practice papers help applicants improve their reading comprehension, critical thinking, and sentence completion sections.

GMAT quant practice papers can help candidates enhance their arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and other mathematical disciplines.

GMAT IR and AWA may be improved by taking GMAT practice papers on a daily basis.

The GMAT practice exam has a variety of question formats and difficulty levels, So let’s look at some of the GMAT practice tests and Sample papers.

GMAT Sample Paper

GMAT Sample Paper Preparing for the GMAT test is difficult; applicants must be focused, industrious, and adhere to a specific study strategy in order to get the desired score. Register on the GMAT's official website and establish a free account to obtain free GMAT prep software.

Those planning to self-study can use the GMAC's 8-week study plan, which is provided by the official body that administers the GMAT. This plan lays forth a specific strategy for preparing for the test. It provides suggestions for boosting the candidate's strengths as well as guidance for improving the candidate's weaknesses. Candidates can also look at the GMAT Sample Papers for each area.

GMAT Verbal Practice Papers

  • Sentence correction: Sample Question

Sample Question 

Tragedy stories are filled with murderous vengeance, disasters (both merited and undeserved), and terrible moral quandaries, but they also include dramatic irony, in which the audience realizes the truth before the play's protagonists do.

  • They are recognized by the characters in the play.
  • The characters in the play are aware of the facts.
  • The characters in the play are aware of these realities.
  • being recognized by the characters in the play
  • the play's characters themselves do.

Critical reasoning: Sample Question

Sample Question 

Duke University's reputation for academic achievement has been founded partly on hefty contributions from affluent alumni who are ardent supporters of the school's basketball team. Although the squad has won more national titles than any other team in its division throughout the years, it did not even win the division title this year, therefore Duke University should expect a drop in alumni donations next year. Which of the following assumptions about Duke University underpins the above argument?

  • The basketball team's success determines the college's reputation for academic achievement.
  • Alumni contributions are required for the college to establish a winning basketball team.
  • University's alumni contributions are heavily reliant on the college's basketball team's winning record.
  • The college basketball team's dismal run will resume next year.
  • The alumni of the university will have at least as much discretionary money to give away next year as they did this year.

Reading comprehension: Sample Question

Questions 1 and 2 are based on the following passage:

Dissolved oxygen levels in the world's oceans are plummeting drastically. Fish, like humans, require oxygen to survive, and as a result, fish populations are declining in ocean areas suffering substantial levels of oxygen deprivation, or hypoxia. Although certain hypoxic areas, known as "dead zones," exist naturally, hypoxia in coastal and inland waters is mostly produced by agricultural run-off and industrial wastewater discharge. Today, there are over a hundred permanent dead zones on the planet, several of which encompass thousands of square kilometers.

Because reproductive success is the most important determinant of the long-term viability of any species, the magnitude of this danger to marine life and genetic diversity cannot be understated. Female fish generate fewer eggs after many months in hypoxic environments. Furthermore, hypoxia alters the usual ratio of two specific hormones produced during the embryonic period when a fish's gender is decided. During pregnancy, the mother releases more testosterone (and less estradiol), which inhibits the development of female reproductive organs and other feminine features in the embryo while favoring the development of masculine qualities.

Question 1

The author would very certainly see the events outlined in the passage as

  • not unexpected.
  • perplexing.
  • concerning.
  • uplifting.
  • surprising.

Question 2

Which of the following is the most appropriate title for the passage?

  • What is causing the rapid change in fish gender ratios?
  • Dead Zones: Causes and Consequences
  • The Perils of Industrial Wastewater Runoff
  • A Recommendation for Reversing Hypoxia Levels
  • What Are the Causes of Birth Defects in Saltwater Fish?

GMAT Quant Practice Papers: Sample Question

In the Euclidean plane, Point A is circle centered at point O and O is circle centered at A. The circle intersects at points B and C. What is the measure of angle BAC? 

  • 30 degrees
  • 60 degrees
  • 90 degrees
  • 120 degrees
  • 150 degrees

Six similar machines running at the same steady rate may generate a total of 33 widgets every hour. How many widgets might 14 of these machines make in 3 hours at the current rate?

  • 906
  • 663
  • 362
  • 231
  • 166

All even-numbered students in a class of 120 select Physics, those with divisible by 5 choose Chemistry, and those with divisible by 7 choose Math. How many students choose none of the three options?

  • 16
  • 41
  • 23
  • 56
  • 29

GMAT Integrated Reasoning Practice Papers: Sample Question

Brown University is one of the most well-known engineering schools in the United States. Mr. James oversees the Electronics Department, while Mr. John oversees the Computer Science Department. In the final semester, the Electronics Department has 100 students while the Computer Science Department has 90 students. Final semester students must work in groups under the supervision of their individual project directors. Mr. James must determine the best batch size for the Electronics students, and Mr. John must determine the best batch size for the Computer Science students. Mr. James and Mr. John both want to consider all possible batch sizes before settling on the best batch size.

Find the maximum number of various batches for final semester Electronics students if the number of students in each batch is the same, none of the batches has less than 10 students, and all students are included.

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • None of these

GMAT AWA Sample Question

Question 1

The publisher of The View, a weekly daily, stated in an announcement: "Since a competing lower-priced newspaper, The Morning, was launched five years ago, The View's readership has decreased by 20,000 subscribers." The greatest method to encourage more people to read The View is to lower its price below that of The Morning, at least until circulation returns to pre-price reduction levels. The View's increasing readership will entice more businesses to purchase advertising space in the publication."

Discuss how well reasoned . . . etc. 

Question 2

The following appeared in a regional life magazine as part of an article:

"When looking for new business prospects or a new location, corporations should consider Hydra." Hydra' unemployment rate was lower than the area average even during the current recession. It is the region's industrial core, and it has historically given more than its fair share of the region's manufacturing jobs. Furthermore, Hydra is seeking to broaden its economic basis by recruiting enterprises specializing in the research and development of breakthrough technologies."

Discuss how well reasoned... and so on.

GMAT AWA Sample Essays

The GMAT analytical writing examination tests a candidate's writing ability through an argumentative essay. The GMAT AWA essay has a total time limit of 30 minutes. Candidates must identify problems and write with proof. GMAT AWA practice papers enable applicants in honing their writing abilities.



The following was published in the health section of a trend and lifestyle magazine:

"People who use the artificial sweetener aspartame are better off ingesting sugar since aspartame can actually lead to weight gain rather than weight loss." High amounts of aspartame, for example, have been proven to induce a food urge by depleting the brain of a molecule that detects satiety, or the sensation of being full. Furthermore, studies show that carbohydrates, when ingested after at least 45 minutes of continuous activity, actually improve the body's ability to burn fat. As a result, folks who consume aspartame-sweetened drinks after exercise will lose this calorie-burning advantage. As a result, it appears that persons who consume aspartame rather than sugar are unlikely to fulfill their dietary goals."

Discuss how well reasoned . . . etc.


The argument argued that the artificial sweetener aspartame is worse than sugar since it does not aid with weight loss. According to the reasoning, sugar is preferable to aspartame. There is further information concerning how sugar, when eaten after 45 minutes of continuous activity, aids in fat loss whereas aspartame does not. The argument even mentions two separate examples for elaboration, one regarding alternatives and the other about aspartame's inadequacy. 

However, the logic is insufficient to support this as a factual assertion. This is simply a generalization of the benefits and drawbacks of taking aspartame and sugar, but there isn't enough research to support it.


Candidates who plan to take the GMAT exam should start studying at least six months before the exam date. Typically, candidates need six to eight weeks to prepare for the GMAT exam. Try to focus on one element at a time. Examine the types of questions that will be asked of you in each area. Try to gradually enhance your pace and start taking GMAT practice tests, which are available on the GMAC's official website. Try to identify your potential weaknesses and work on improving them.

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